“According to Spotrac, the signing bonus for this year’s No. 1 pick is an estimated $22,630,055.” So now we have an endorsement deal from Blockfolio, presumably fairly small in the scheme of things, which was paid directly in crypto — and now it has been linked to Lawrence’s huge Madden NFL 24 signing bonus from the league, and misreported that money was placed into crypto. Whether an honest mistake, or an attempt to make a story a little sexier, we’re left at Madden 24 coins  the same place: An endorsement deal with a crypto company was paid in crypto, and nothing more.

Then, on Tuesday, a writer for the Sun Sentinel took information published by Coinjournal, and made a tweet poking fun at the Jaguars QB. Of course, we know this is entirely inaccurate — because there’s no evidence that Lawrence put his $24M into crypto. However this was cited in numerous stories writing up that Lawrence had fumbled the bag, despite it not being the case.

This is all good news. Nobody should root for anyone losing their money, even as schadenfreude. Trevor Lawrence is a really nice dude, and it sucks to think he botched the biggest payday of his football career — but instead he probably only lost a chunk out of that original endorsement deal. It sucks, but it’s far from devastating.

An Madden NFL 24 player is in the middle of one of the largest controversies the league has ever seen, and the silence from key figures has never been more noticeable. New allegations against Deshaun Watson are coming in, and a lawsuit against the quarterback has now expanded to include the Houston Texans, but you’d never know anything was happening if you only paid attention to the Madden NFL 24 directly or the Cleveland Browns.

On May 24, commissioner Roger Goodell said the league’s investigation into Watson was winding down. As recently as last week it was reported that the league had completed its probe. Now there’s seemingly no end in sight, even though the Madden NFL 24 has reportedly been investigating Watson Buy mut 24 coins xbox  for the last 15 months.

Throughout this process the Madden NFL 24 has held the line that it won’t comment on an ongoing investigation. This is fair for something that would last a few months, but this has been dragging on for well over a year. How much more time is needed? Surely the Madden NFL 24 has learned enough to give a process update, or issue preliminary findings — even if more allegations roll in. As it stands the avoidance feels like an attempt by the league to shield Watson and the teams involved from scrutiny, rather than find the truth — which is the entire point of an investigation in the first place.