Diablo 4 Itemization Update Highlights

The recent Itemization Campfire Chat livestream featured a panel with key members of the development team, including Joe Shely (Game Director), Joseph Piepiora (Associate Game Director), Adam Jackson (Lead Class Designer), Charles Dunn (Associate Game Designer), and Adam Fletcher (Director of Community). They discussed a range of topics such as massive itemization updates, class changes, PTR news, and more.

The upcoming PTR is scheduled to run from April 2nd to April 9th. It's important to note that this PTR is exclusive to PC Battle.net for now, with potential plans for console PTRs in the future.

In order to incorporate player feedback, Season 3 will now end on Tuesday, May 14th, making way for the PTR. Following this, Season 4 is set to commence on the same day.

Players can expect an instant boost to level 100, including campaign completion, a mount, all skill points, all paragon points, fog of war cleared, altars of Lilith discovered, a random set of rare gear, unlocked class systems, and maxed level glyphs. Additionally, boosted characters will receive 100,000,000 gold and 1,000 obols, with the option to repeat this process multiple times.

As a bonus, legendary drop rates will be doubled, promising an enhanced gameplay experience for all adventurers.In the upcoming Diablo 4 update, a dedicated PTR forum will be integrated into the website, providing players with the opportunity to engage in discussions and provide feedback directly to the development team.

The development team has outlined three core principles that will guide their work:

  • Emphasis on quality over quantity: The focus is on offering a reduced number of items with higher quality, aiming to imbue each item with greater significance for players in the long term.

  • The value of item progression: Players can expect a shift towards a more extensive journey when it comes to obtaining and crafting items, providing a unique and personalized experience for each individual.

  • Revitalizing the thrill of item acquisition: Efforts are being made to reintroduce the excitement and sense of gratification associated with discovering and obtaining items, with a focus on delivering rewarding surprises.

Furthermore, significant updates to the trading system are in the works. Notably, legendaries and uniques will be tradeable in the upcoming season 4, with the exception of craft-bound items and the exclusion of uber uniques from trade.



Items are now gaining affixes from a smaller pool, which is designed to reduce duplicate or conditional effects. The development team has also enhanced the potency of many affixes, including the "ranks to skill" affix. Sacred items are now exclusively dropping in world tier 3, while ancestral items can be found in world tier 4. Overall, the values of affixes have been increased.

  • Legendary items will now only have 3 affixes (down from 4).
  • Rare items will now only have 2 affixes (previously 4 maximum).

The reduction in the number of affixes, especially for legendaries, aims to provide a solid base item that players can enhance over time. This adjustment is intended to transform the itemization process into a more engaging journey within the game.

  • Legendary items dropped by level 95+ monsters will always have an item power of 925.
  • Many uniques are now available in world tiers 1 and 2.
  • Starting from world tier 3, all uniques will drop.
  • Uber uniques will start dropping from enemies at level 55 and above, always with an item power of 925.

Furthermore, there have been simplifications in the stat rolls on gear. Items will now roll the core stat associated with the player's class and the "all stats" affix. For instance, a sorcerer's wand will now roll intelligence and "all stats", excluding the possibility of rolling strength, dexterity, or willpower.


In the recent update, several new affixes have been introduced to the game, providing players with fresh and diverse options for enhancing their characters. Some of these new affixes include "fury per second" (resource per second) and "life per hit." Additionally, weapons now boast a wider range of affixes, expanding the possibilities for customization and strategy.

Gems have undergone a thorough balance adjustment, aligning them more closely with the new itemization update. This includes the removal of conditional parts to simplify understanding and integration into character builds, as well as the addition of core stats for increased effectiveness. Furthermore, crafting progression has been enhanced, offering more power at the higher tiers, and these enhanced items now sell for a higher price.

To complement the changes in drop rates, the rate of crafting materials has been proportionally adjusted to ensure players have an ample supply for their crafting needs. Moreover, the gold cost for item rerolling now reaches a cap, providing a more predictable and manageable system for players.

Streamlining the crafting process, certain materials such as plants, ores, and monster parts have been consolidated or removed from the game. This decision aims to simplify crafting while still retaining some rare materials for a sense of rarity and achievement.

Forgotten souls can now be obtained from completing whispers of the dead and have a chance to drop from any elite, offering players additional avenues for acquiring these valuable resources.

A significant change involves legendary aspects being transferable to the codex of power, eliminating the need for aspect crystals. Players can now easily gauge the potential power increase by hovering over a legendary item and salvaging it to enhance the codex, eliminating the need to visit the occultist for this purpose.


There are a total of 16 breakpoints for all powers, although some may have fewer, such as the Umbral power. If you happen to come across a high-value or fully maxed power, you will have it permanently for eternal characters or for the duration of the season for seasonal characters. It's worth noting that maxed value powers cannot be found in world tiers 1 or 2 as mentioned by the development team. Once a power reaches its maximum level, its icon in the list will have a distinctive golden border.

In addition to these features, there are multiple ways to filter powers, including the option to mark favorites. Furthermore, a search function has been incorporated to facilitate easy access to the desired powers.



Greater affixes are an enhanced version of the regular affixes, offering a 150% increase in power. They are designed to create a more thrilling and noticeable loot drop experience. These superior affixes exclusively manifest on dropped ancestral legendaries and uniques in world tier 4. Interestingly, they can also be found on uber uniques when crafted. It's important to note that it is not possible to enchant a greater affix, and if one attempts to reroll it, the greater affix will be forfeited.




Tempering is an exciting method that enables you to enhance your items by adding unique affixes. This innovative approach allows for the introduction of truly distinct modifiers to your gear. The process of tempering involves the use of specialized manuals, known as temper manuals, to achieve the desired enhancements. Through tempering, you can unlock a whole new realm of possibilities for customizing and strengthening your equipment. This method offers a fresh and dynamic way to elevate the capabilities of your items, providing a unique edge in your adventures.


Item Enhancement and System Updates

Temper manuals offer a variety of options for enhancing items, including adding mobility affixes, specific weapon-only affixes, or class-specific affixes. These manuals are not consumed upon use, making them a permanent addition to your collection. When selecting temper manuals, there are six categories to choose from:

  • Weapons
  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Utility
  • Mobility
  • Resource

It's important to note that only one tempered affix from a single category can be applied to an item at a time. This ensures a balanced and strategic approach to item enhancement.


When visiting the blacksmith, you can insert a legendary item into the interface and choose a suitable temper manual. You will then have 5 opportunities to try and acquire the desired affix from the manual. The outcome is random, but there is a possibility of being fortunate. Keep in mind that sacred legendaries can have 1 tempered affix, whereas ancestral legendaries can have 2. It's important to note that unique items cannot be tempered.





Introducing an innovative late-game crafting system designed to enhance the affix values of your gear through a total of 12 individual upgrades. As you progress through ranks 4, 8, and 12, a substantial bonus is bestowed upon a randomly selected affix, which may also include tempered affixes. The larger bonuses have the potential to impact three separate affixes, a single affix twice, or even bestow all three bonuses on a single affix if luck is on your side!


If you've completed the masterworking process for an item but are unhappy with the result, you have the option to reset the item by paying a cost. This allows you to go through the process again in the hopes of achieving a better outcome. It's important to note that masterworking is applicable to both legendary and unique items.

Masterworking gives you the opportunity to refine and improve your items, ensuring that they meet your expectations and serve you well in your adventures.


Masterworking and tempering are set to replace the current armor and weapon upgrading process in the game.

Numerous changes have been discussed in response to the upcoming system updates in season 4. These changes encompass a wide array of meaningful adjustments to classes, aiming to make flat damage powers more viable. Additionally, the update is set to open up the design space for a greater variety of playstyles and options. However, this represents just a glimpse of the forthcoming updates, with more to be revealed in the PTR and patch notes.

Significant overhauls are in the pipeline for various game systems.

The development team has acknowledged that the endgame experience is pivotal to the game, and with the introduction of new systems, they are striving to facilitate players' progression. As part of this endeavor, adjustments to XP rates are slated for season 4: - World Tier 2: 20% to 50% increase - World Tier 3: 100% to 150% increase - World Tier 4: 200% to 250% increase


  • Helltide is now accessible in world tiers 1 and 2.
  • The monster density has been enhanced based on the feedback received from the community during Season 2's Blood Harvest.
  • Players can expect numerous ambushes and more dynamic monster spawns.
  • A new threat meter is being introduced, which guarantees more ambushes as it fills up. When the meter is full, multiple ambushes will occur as it drains, culminating in the appearance of a final Hellborne. This cycle can be repeated once the meter is depleted.
  • Hellborne has the potential to drop standard gear and summoning materials for Lord Zir.



  • Hellborne monsters are known to drop summoning materials for Lord Zir.
  • Treasure goblins have the potential to drop a random summoning material when defeated.
  • When opening a whisper cache, there is a chance to obtain a random summoning material.
  • Completing the mastery bonus for local events may reward you with a random summoning material.
  • Elites have a very slim chance of dropping a random summoning material.
  • She shares the same drop table as Duriel, and the materials to summon her can be obtained from defeating the Beast in the Ice and Lord Zir.



Experience a brand new adventure tailored based on valuable feedback from the recent Aoz event. Once you conquer the challenging Nightmare Dungeon Tier 45, you will unlock access to the Pit and receive an intriguing quest. Embark on a thrilling journey across the globe to gather powerful runeshards, essential for unlocking the initial level of your Pit.



To gather Stygian stones for summoning advanced ladder bosses, you must run the pit. Upon defeating these tougher bosses, you'll obtain a resplendent spark, similar to the Aoz but with notable changes:

  • The run must be completed and the boss defeated within 10 minutes.
  • Death incurs a penalty of 30 seconds added to your run, but it doesn't end the attempt.
  • There are no afflictions to contend with during the run.
  • Loot is not available throughout the run.
  • Artificer's mastery is a new objective for acquiring masterworking materials.
  • Portals on each floor connect to one another and ultimately lead to the boss room.
  • Three material rarities exist: Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron.



During the entire game, as you battle the boss, you must be prepared for unexpected attacks from echoes of other bosses. These surprise attacks not only intensify the level of danger but also test your skills to survive.



  • The level 200 versions of ladder bosses are known to have a higher drop rate for unique items and are likely to drop more items in comparison.
  • All existing items will be classified as legacy items and will not be compatible with the new systems. However, they will still be usable on your character.
  • Masterworking items will increase their current value, allowing them to exceed the maximum range.
  • In season 4, the camera perspective will be more zoomed out, providing players with a wider view. This feature will be available as a selection in the settings.
  • The development team is eagerly looking forward to introducing a new feature into the game, which is a priority for the entire team.
  • Currently, there are ongoing discussions about various aspects, but no further details are available beyond what has already been revealed.
  • While the team still has certain ideas in mind, they are keen on observing how the current changes will influence gear scanning.
  • It is clarified that only the drop rates will see an increase, and not the rate of obtaining greater affixes.
  • Players are allowed to group for the pit, enhancing the collaborative gameplay experience.
  • At present, there are no new developments specifically for the game. The focus is on implementing significant core system changes, which take precedence.
  • Powers within the codex of power are account-wide, categorized as eternal vs. seasonal and softcore vs. hardcore. Therefore, if a seasonal softcore character unlocks certain powers, they will be available to another softcore character, but not to hardcore or eternal characters.

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