Efficient Affix Rerolling Tips

Looking to save a substantial amount of gold that you might otherwise waste?

In this guide by Mattjestic, the new occult affix rerolling method is revealed, offering updated techniques and a comprehensive video for your reference.

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Here are some of the latest tips and tricks from Mattjestic’s new video:

  • Prioritize upgrading at the blacksmith or crafting legendary effects.
  • Incorrect order leads to a doubled reroll cost for each click.
  • Setting the next reroll at minimum cost increase is crucial.
  • It's possible to select "no change" even for a bad low roll.
  • Be cautious, excessive selection of "no change" could result in no actual change even after spending 10 million gold on rerolling.
  • Gloves priced at 3 million should not cost more than 3 million when rerolled.
  • Consider buying a new one and starting with a significantly lower reroll cost again.
  • Avoid rerolling at 2 million per click when purchasing another one costs only 3 million.* It's important to consider rerolling costs as a sunk cost. Once the cost for the next reroll becomes too high, it's time to move on and explore new gear options that start with a minimal cost.

  • Initially, the cost for rerolling is quite low, and for certain gears, it may only require one reroll.

  • Avoid rerolling 'bad' cheap and poorly rerolled gears more than three times. These items typically sell for 1-2 million each and are not worth a significant investment in rerolling.

  • The subsequent rerolls may cost up to 5 times the original cost but still remain below 500,000 gold. However, once the cost exceeds 500,000 to 1 million gold, the expenses escalate rapidly.

  • To prevent overspending and losing track, it's advisable to follow the 1/3/5 click rule.

  • For more expensive and rarer items, it's acceptable to invest more in rerolling, especially for items that require best-in-slot (BiS) attributes.

  • When purchasing multiple swords for 4-5 million each, a strategy can be to roll on one sword, and if there's no luck after 3-5 tries, move on to the second and third swords. This approach enables enjoying the minimum cost from 1-5 rolls, compared to investing 10 million gold or more in 15 rolls on a single sword.

  • Explore official channels and community platforms like the Mattjestic D4 Discord to find the items with the desired affixes that are challenging to reroll into or require top-tier rolls.

  • For instance, when seeking a 2h sword with specific attributes such as crit damage, vul damage, core damage, and strength or all stats, consider purchasing one with critical damage, vulnerable damage, and core damage with decent affixes, and then reroll the strength or all stats independently.Rerolling affixes in Diablo 4 can be quite challenging, especially when aiming for specific ones. Some affixes appear to have a higher probability of being rolled, such as critical chance on rings and primary stats on weapons and most other gears. Additionally, certain classes have advantages when rerolling specific affixes, like the sorcerer having a lucky hit chance when rerolling a helm while having a barrier, which proves beneficial for necromancers and rogues with a barrier build.

Furthermore, different classes have distinct affix rerolling tendencies, such as barbarians rolling for damage reduction to bleeding on chest and pants, while rogues and druids focus on damage reduction to poison. Sorcerers, on the other hand, aim for damage reduction to burning.

However, rerolling comes at a high cost, both in terms of in-game currency and resources. Players can easily spend millions of gold within an hour, with prices soaring as high as 10-20 million per click for a mere 1-2% bonus stats. This process also requires forgotten souls, which are only obtainable from helltides. A successful run of helltides can yield around 40+ souls per set of 4x 175 chests, and each reroll consumes one soul. Upgrading gear also requires a significant investment of resources.

It's important to note that only +3 skill rank armor and +2 skill rank amulets will be upgraded to +4 and +3 ranks, respectively, at the blacksmith or jeweler. As a result, the cost of consecutively rerolling affixes can quickly escalate, making it a resource-intensive endeavor.

Rerolling: Costs, Risks, and Rewards

  • Initially, the cost of rerolling is relatively low at 30k, but it escalates rapidly to 300k, then 1m, 3m, and eventually exceeds 10m.

  • The availability of affixes for different pieces of gear varies, creating an uneven distribution in the pool of available affixes.

  • Certain gear items, such as amulets, are significant gold sinks due to the high cost involved in rerolling them.

  • It's important to consider the opportunity cost of gold when engaging in rerolling, as the resources spent could have been used elsewhere.

  • Once a rare item is rerolled, it becomes non-tradable, adding another layer to the decision-making process.

  • Despite attempts to reroll for perfect Best in Slot (BiS) amulets with potential high resale value, substantial amounts of gold were expended without achieving the desired outcome.

  • It's crucial to recognize the value of good rares, as they can fetch prices ranging from 5m to even 500m gold, indicating the potential for extensive rerolling expenses.

  • Rerolling can resemble a gambling addiction, raising questions about its design and impact on gameplay.

  • It's advisable to limit spending to 5m or less when rerolling non-prime gear items. Understanding the value of a rare item can help in deciding whether to invest in rerolling or opt for purchasing a new one at a comparable cost.

  • For additional guidance, refer to the Excel guide, which although not fully updated, remains a valuable resource for players.

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