Sorcerer Builds in Season 2

Season 2 brings an exciting array of sorcerer builds to choose from, each offering a unique playstyle and approach to combat. Whether you prefer to rain down elemental destruction or harness the power of arcane energies, there's a build for every sorcerer enthusiast.

  1. Elemental Annihilation: This build focuses on unleashing devastating elemental spells, incinerating foes with searing flames and freezing them in their tracks with icy blasts. It's a versatile build that excels in both single-target and AoE damage.

  2. Arcane Mastermind: For those who prefer a more strategic approach, the Arcane Mastermind build delves into the depths of arcane magic, manipulating reality itself to outwit and outmaneuver opponents. With a focus on crowd control and manipulation, this build is perfect for those who enjoy a cerebral playstyle.

  3. Lightning Tempest: Embracing the raw power of lightning, this build channels the fury of storms to electrify enemies and chain devastating bolts of energy through their ranks. It's a high-intensity build that excels in rapidly dispatching groups of foes.

  4. Frostbite Conjurer: By mastering the art of conjuration, this build summons chilling allies and weaves potent frost spells to immobilize and shatter adversaries. It's a build that emphasizes battlefield control and strategic positioning.

  5. Chaos Sorcerer: Embracing the unpredictable forces of chaos, this build harnesses wild and erratic magic to confound and confuzzle opponents. With a focus on randomness and unpredictability, this build offers a thrilling and spontaneous approach to combat.

Each of these builds offers a distinct and thrilling gameplay experience, allowing sorcerer players to tailor their playstyle to their preferences and take on the challenges of Season 2 with confidence and style.

Looking for a versatile build that excels in engaging enemies and drawing them into a storm of lightning? Give the "Crown's Lightning" build a try!

Start by casting ball lightning and teleporting to gather enemies for a stunning effect. Activate flame shield to reduce mana cost and immobilize enemies, allowing for continuous ball lightning spam.

Utilize ice blades, teleport, and lightning spear to replenish mana with the prodigy aspect. The use of mystic teleport enhances the effects of overflowing energy.

Keep an eye out for crackling energy while dealing damage, and focus your ball lightnings on enemies before unleashing the ultimate, unstable currents. Thanks to overflowing energy, the cooldown of unstable currents is reduced, making it ideal for use against elite packs.

When facing bosses, unleash unstable currents and alternate between ball lightning, ice blades, lightning spear, and teleport. Engage the boss with flame shield and ball lightnings, while evading to apply vulnerability and collect crackling energy pickups by rotating anti-clockwise.

Enhancing Sorcerer Builds with Elemental Powers

By utilizing the Glacial Aspect, the power of Blizzard can be boosted as it allows the summoning of ice spikes that have the ability to crit, thereby enhancing the damage output of Blizzard significantly.

The area of effect of the ice spikes may initially be limited, but this can be addressed by leveraging the Aspect of the Tundra, which amplifies it by 50%.

With the recent buffs in Season 2, now is an excellent opportunity to maximize the potential of this particular archetype.

Overall, this build is well-suited for both speed farming and endgame content, although it does heavily rely on specific items to reach its full potential.

The Arc Lash build is centered around its basic ability, which is complemented by continuously refreshed low cooldowns, high attack speed, and remarkable durability.

The addition of the new vampiric powers in Season 2, such as Moonrise and Ravenous, enhances the potential of this build significantly.

This build stands out as one of the easiest to use among the options available. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for those seeking a simpler gameplay loop or for newcomers to the class.

This build focuses on enhancing the power of ice shards through the use of the ice shards enchantment, paragon boards, and the aspect of piercing cold. By maximizing these elements, the build significantly boosts the effectiveness of ice shards in combat.

It's worth noting that this build is highly adaptable, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities to handle various situations. Whether you're facing tough enemies or need to protect yourself, this build has you covered.

It's important to keep in mind that this sorcerer build is designed for the mid-late game. If you're below level 50, consider exploring a sorcerer leveling build tailored to your current progress.

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