Bonucci wasn't the only person who secure Italy's backline during the Euros. Credit needs to go to Chiellini as well, who formed an incredible center-back partnership with his FC 24 Coins Italian partner to steer Italy towards the Euros. Given how amazing of a defender he really is, the fact that his price isn't astronomically high is a blessing. Players who manage to shell out the dough will be more than happy with this brilliant center-back in their defensive line.

City's squad is blessed with squad depth throughout the roof, with Aymeric Laporte adding to this notion. He's a great and powerful center-back whose chemistry with the world's best players is bound to be a huge bonus. The Spanish defender is going to be a defensive powerhouse in any FC 24 Ultimate Team squad. He might not be the most reasonably priced player around right now, but that shouldn't take away from the immense benefits he brings to any defense.

FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the most popular game modes for this title. Given that most industry experts consider FIFA to be the most popular sports game franchise around, it's mind-boggling to imagine just how many people participate in the FC 24 Ultimate Team insanity. The loop of opening packs, obtaining players, and creating brilliant squads is pretty addictive indeed.

Of course, every FC 24 Ultimate Team squad needs players who can win the midfield battle and maintain possession at all times. This is why it's important to have great midfield players who can turn defense into attack in the blink of an eye by being a jack of all trades. Here are some of the best midfielders that are going to light up any FC 24 Ultimate Team team in FC 24.

Kante is one of the most hard-working and humble midfielders in football right now. The Frenchman is a model example of how professional footballers should conduct themselves on and off the pitch. Given his speed and defensive skills, he's easily one of the best midfielders players can have on their cheap EAFC 24 Coins Ultimate Team squad. Players will have no issues with placing other more offensive-minded players on the field as long as they have this French superstar.