EA Sports made a statement to Manchester Evening News confirming Greenwood's suspension from FC 24 Coins. "Mason Greenwood has been removed from active squads in FC 24 and has also been suspended from appearing in FIFA Ultimate Team (FC 24 Ultimate Team) packs and Ultimate Draft." Manchester United has also made a statement regarding Greenwood, who was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault on January 30. It read: “Mason Greenwood will not return to training or play matches until further notice."

Inquiries are still ongoing regarding the accusations surrounding Greenwood, yet EA Sports has acted quickly in order to remove the striker from FC 24. While the current term being used for Greenwood's removal is "suspension," whether this suspension will eventually be lifted all comes down to the results of the inquires around Greenwood. Currently, the Manchester United player has been released on bail, with Greater Manchester Police currently warning against people sharing "any commentary or images that could compromise the victim's right to lifelong anonymity, or risk prejudicing a live investigation with active proceedings."

During today's earnings report for its third fiscal quarter in the 2022 fiscal year, Electronic Arts announced the three months to December 31 was the biggest quarter ever for net bookings, underlying profitability, and cash generation. And it was all led by FC 24 and Apex Legends.

At quarter-end, Apex Legends monthly active players were up more than 30% year-over-year, with 28 million players joining the free-to-play battle royale shooter in the past year alone. EA expects the game to reach $1 billion in net bookings this fiscal year (April 21 - March 22). EA proclaimed that Apex Legends players pinged locations, items, and enemies 322 billion times. It was obviously a huge year for the game.

The publisher also claimed that it now has more than 540 million unique active player accounts in its network, with EA FC Coins for sale an average of more than 180 million monthly active accounts through the reported time period. Players typically are spending 20% more time in EA games compared with the previous fiscal year.