Conquering Eternal Black Hole in Honkai: Star Rail

To access the Eternal Black Hole stage in Honkai: Star Rail, players must first complete the six stages of the Legend of the Galactic Baseballer event. Additionally, it is crucial to finish the Tales from the Golden Age trailblaze mission to unlock the event. Each stage of the event will present players with different sets of enemies in multiple battles, with specific characters and additional abilities provided to enhance the gameplay experience.

In the final section of the event, the Eternal Black Hole, players are required to employ effective strategies to achieve a minimum of 60,000 points and claim all the rewards. To successfully complete this stage, players can utilize a guide for assistance.

The Legend of the Galactic Baseballer event consists of a total of six stages, each comprising seven to eleven waves of enemies. Players will receive buffs throughout the stages to aid them in combat. Once all previous stages are completed, access to the Eternal Black Hole stage will be granted.To conquer the Eternal Black Hole challenge in Honkai: Star Rail, follow these essential tips:

  1. Build a well-balanced team with diverse skills and attributes. Mix and match characters to create a team that can handle different types of enemies and situations.

  2. Upgrade your characters and gear. Strengthening your team's abilities and equipment is crucial for overcoming the challenges of Eternal Black Hole.

  3. Master dodging and timing. Pay close attention to enemy attack patterns and practice dodging to minimize damage to your team.

  4. Use elemental combos strategically. Take advantage of the elemental system to unleash powerful combos and deal massive damage to your enemies.

  5. Stay vigilant and adapt. Be prepared to adjust your strategy on the fly as you encounter different enemy types and challenges within the Eternal Black Hole.

  6. Utilize support characters and abilities. Don't overlook the importance of support characters and their abilities in bolstering your team's overall performance.

  7. Aim for high scores. Strive to achieve high scores in each section of the Eternal Black Hole to earn valuable rewards and improve your overall performance.

  8. Stay persistent and patient. Conquering the Eternal Black Hole may take time and multiple attempts, so stay persistent and learn from each run to improve your chances of success.

When venturing into the Eternal Black Hole stage, it is crucial to assemble a formidable team of characters equipped with the finest skills and abilities.

Items and Equipment

In addition to powerful characters, it is essential to arm yourself with top-tier items and equipment to effectively navigate the challenges presented in the Eternal Black Hole stage.

Strategic Planning

Formulating a meticulous strategy tailored to the unique demands of the Eternal Black Hole stage is paramount for success. This involves understanding enemy behaviors, exploiting character synergies, and maximizing the potential of your team.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous refinement of character builds, item loadouts, and strategies is key to overcoming the escalating difficulties encountered in the Eternal Black Hole stage.

Community Insights

Leveraging the experiences and insights of the gaming community can provide valuable tips and tactics for conquering the Eternal Black Hole stage. Joining discussions, seeking advice, and sharing knowledge can enrich your approach to the game.

Eternal Black Hole Stage Strategies

In the Eternal Black Hole stage of Honkai: Star Rail, it's important to utilize trial characters provided by the game to successfully complete the stage. The recommended characters for this stage include:

  • Kafka
  • Acheron
  • Black Swan
  • Huohuo

These characters are highly effective as they can exploit the wind and lightning attack weaknesses of enemies encountered in the Eternal Black Hole. Additionally, Huohuo's ability to provide healing and buffs greatly aids in maintaining the team's performance. Meanwhile, Acheron contributes by offering debuffing support and additional damage output.

When it comes to the best weapons and accessories for this stage, it's essential to prioritize those that enhance the characters' elemental strengths and provide bonuses to their specific abilities.

The following weapons and accessories are highly recommended:

  • Nihility's Warning : This item has a 70% chance to inflict "Chagrined" on enemy targets when allies hit them. When enemies with "Chagrined" are inflicted with other debuffs, they will also be affected. While in this state, all damage received will increase by 0.4% with up to 20 stacks. Upon reaching 20 stacks, Nihility's Warning will deal quantum damage equal to 3,000% of the base damage to the target, which will further increase against elite and boss enemies.

  • Prayers of Beauty : Summoning Prayers of Beauty, this accessory provides a speed of 75. When it takes action, it increases the team's damage dealt by 300%, advances their actions forward by 100%, regenerates 10 energy, and recovers 1 skill point for 1 turn.

  • Rainbow Bat : After an ally attacks an enemy, Rainbow Bat will deal 4 hits of damage of a random type to a random enemy that has been attacked, equal to 100% of the base damage. The damage will increase by 30% against elite and boss enemies.- The ability "Thunderbolt Thorns" applies a damaging lightning effect to an enemy, dealing 400% of the base damage at the beginning of each turn. The damage will then bounce three times, dealing 50% of the original damage. When the initial target is defeated, the effect transfers to a new target.

  • With the "Ranger's Longbow", after an ally attacks an enemy using their ultimate, the longbow will fire 3 wind arrows. These arrows deal wind damage equal to 300% of the base damage to a random enemy and 25% area of effect damage to adjacent enemies.

  • The "Me for Everyone" ability increases the speed of summon-type weapons by 30.

  • After each wave, players have the option to choose from various weapons and accessories. It is recommended to upgrade "Nihility's Warning", which is particularly useful in this stage. It becomes even more powerful when used with characters that have already inflicted debuffs on the enemy, a task that "Acheron" can accomplish.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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