• The latest update for Diablo 4, Patch 1.3.4, brings significant improvements and bug fixes to the game's Gauntlet mode and enhances the overall quality of life for players.
  • Screen reader issues have been addressed, ensuring that all buttons and menu options are properly announced, providing a more accessible gaming experience.
  • Various bugs related to the functionality of the screen reader have been resolved, including the accurate announcement of available points in the skill tree and the correct description of abilities such as the Seneschal's "Burning Support".
  • Additionally, gameplay issues such as the lingering damage from Malphas' meteor after his defeat and the completion of the Lapidarist Proficient objective have been fixed.
  • Players can now also make progress towards the Lapidarist Proficient objective by acquiring "Murmuring Caches" in addition to "Uncertain Stone Caches".
  • These updates aim to enhance the overall gaming experience and address specific issues reported by the Diablo 4 community.- Addressed a bug where the uncertain stone cache couldn't be crafted if only the duration support stone was left to reach max level.
  • Resolved an issue with equipping multiple instances of the aspect of the moonrise, ensuring the game now uses the strongest version equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where the gauntlet play again button did not generate a new instance of the same dungeon.
  • Rectified the ability to reset a nightmare dungeon by using a nightmare sigil while inside, and restricted the use of nightmare sigils in active nightmare dungeons.
  • Corrected the issue where tortured gifts in helltide could not drop at least one equipment.
  • Fixed the bug where the tomb lord boss in the carrion fields would not re-appear if the player left the boss arena immediately after placing the last statue.
  • Addressed the problem where spider caller monsters could sometimes fail to spawn in the sirocco caverns, causing progression blockage.
  • Resolved an issue where an insufficient amount of animus carriers could fail to spawn in the dark ravine, leading to progression blockage.
  • Fixed the bug where the gauntlet could be re-entered after leaving via a scroll of escape.
  • Addressed the issue where season journey objectives would not display as completed when applicable.
  • Corrected the bug where swapping between menus and the world map while in a vault could cause the map to erroneously default to the gatehall map.
  • Resolved the issue where hall of ancients records did not denote if a character is playing on hardcore difficulty.

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