Introduction About Sophia Smith

Sophia Olivia Smith, born in the summer of 2000, has rapidly ascended to prominence in the world of professional soccer. With her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport, she has carved out a reputation as a formidable forward for Portland Thorns FC, a team that competes in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). Her prowess on the field is not limited to club level play; Sophia also dons the colors of the United States national team, where she is recognized for her sharp striking abilities and her knack for finding the back of the net.

Before embarking on her professional journey, Sophia's collegiate career at Stanford University was nothing short of spectacular. There, she was a pivotal force in leading the Cardinal to their national championship triumph in 2019. Her remarkable performance during her university years did not go unnoticed, as she was the very first selection in the 2020 NWSL College Draft, immediately setting high expectations for her transition into the professional arena.

Sophia's star continued to rise in 2022, a banner year that saw her earn the prestigious title of NWSL Most Valuable Player (MVP). Additionally, her contributions to the game were recognized on a national level when she was honored as the US Soccer Female Player of the Year. Her crowning achievement came when she claimed MVP honors at the 2022 NWSL Championship, leading the Thorns to victory and securing her place in the NWSL Best XI. Sophia Smith is not simply a player; she is a striker whose name resounds in the stands, echoing her status as one of the most gifted and impactful players of her generation.

Sophia Smith's TOTS Champions Plus card

Sophia Smith's TOTS (Team of the Season) Champions Plus card is a testament to her exceptional talent on the virtual pitch, boasting an impressive overall rating of 97. As a Striker, her card shines with a nearly perfect pace rating of 99, ensuring she can outrun defenders with ease. Her shooting rating of 94 allows for precision and power, making her a formidable force in front of the goal. With a passing ability of 91, she can also set up plays effectively, while her dribbling skills are reflected in a high rating of 97, allowing for smooth ball control and the ability to navigate through tight spaces. Although her defense rating sits at 54, it's her physicality, with a rating of 93, that ensures she can hold her own in the most challenging of situations. Smith's TOTS Champions Plus card is the ultimate asset for players looking to add a sharp attacking player to their lineup, capable of dismantling the opposition's defense and clinching crucial goals to secure victory in the heat of the game.

How to Obtain Sophia Smith's Player Card

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