After countless interdimensional journeys, the feared assassin Nolan has made his triumphant return to the Land of Dawn, bringing joy to Mobile Legends enthusiasts. His Cosmic abilities make him a powerful pick in ranked games, swiftly taking down both fragile and tanky enemies. Nolan’s skills, including Cosmic Leap, Expansion, and Gauge, can overwhelm foes, while his Fracture skill allows him to reposition during chaotic teamfights. Nolan excels in aggressive, fast-paced compositions, and his skillset ensures he dominates the battlefield. However, to maximize his potential, specific items are crucial, enhancing his playstyle and amplifying his damage. And players all knows that these items can be directly obtained using the shop interface, which means they can get items through MLBB diamond recharge. Anyway, assassin mains are eagerly awaiting Nolan, knowing he will be a formidable addition to their roster.


Nolan's mobility and burst damage make him a formidable threat in the early and mid-game. His abilities allow him to isolate and eliminate priority targets, shifting the momentum of fights in favor of his team. His Ultimate, Fracture, enables him to dive into battles, deliver a devastating combo, and then disengage safely or reposition for the next skirmish. Nolan's true strength lies in his versatility; he can adapt his playstyle to the team's needs, acting as an initiator, cleanup crew, or split-pusher. This flexibility, combined with his strong laning phase and objective control, makes Nolan a valuable asset to any team. As players master their mechanics and item builds, Nolan's win rate has been climbing in the ranked ladder. Skilled Nolan players excel in map control, shutting down enemies, and snowballing their team to victory. Nolan's arrival has indeed shaken up the meta, and fans eagerly anticipate his impact on the competitive scene in upcoming seasons.



Blade of the Heptaseas


Maximizing Nolan's kill potential starts with the Blade of the Heptaseas. Its passive, Ambush, synergizes perfectly with Nolan’s Cosmic Leap, allowing for devastating basic attacks. This weapon boosts Nolan’s Physical Attack and Penetration, essential for early game dominance. The additional HP helps Nolan survive chaotic teamfights. For Nolan, this item is indispensable for maximizing his lethal potential. It works well with other items like the Enchanted Talisman, which provides cooldown reduction and mana regeneration, ensuring Nolan can keep up the pressure. Arcane Boots add movement speed and Magic Penetration, perfect for his mobility-focused kit. Berserker’s Fury introduces critical strike chance, creating massive burst damage when combined with Nolan's combo potential.


Hunter Strike


Hunter Strike further enhances Nolan's damage output with additional Physical Penetration and Cooldown Reduction. These stats allow Nolan to cycle through his skills rapidly, maintaining constant pressure on opponents. Hunter Strike’s Retribution passive boosts movement speed after dealing damage, synergizing with Nolan's aggressive playstyle and enhancing his jungling and ganking capabilities. This item is a key component of Nolan's build, working alongside Blade of the Heptaseas to make Nolan a relentless assassin on the battlefield.


Malefic Roar


As the mid-game approaches, teams often build defensive items to counter physical damage dealers like Nolan. Malefic Roar provides a significant Physical Attack boost and an increase in Physical Penetration, allowing Nolan to bypass enemy defenses. Its Armor Buster passive grants extra Physical Penetration based on the target's Physical Defense, making it more effective as opponents build more armor. This item ensures Nolan's attacks remain devastating, even against heavily armored enemies, helping him maintain dominance throughout the mid-game and beyond.


Obviously, these three items greatly enhance Nolan’s combat power, which has full appeal to players. If players want to get them quickly, they are recommended to buy MLBB diamonds to claim their favored equipment!


Mastering Nolan: Mastering Nolan requires understanding his abilities and playstyle deeply. His Cosmic Leap allows for quick repositioning and initiating fights, while his Expansion skill creates large area-of-effect zones to control enemies. Gauge stacks up damage on a single target, setting them up for the devastating Fracture ultimate. Nolan excels in the early and mid-game, snowballing an early lead and shutting down key targets. Mechanical skill and game sense are crucial for effective Nolan play, with positioning, ability sequencing, and target prioritization separating good players from great ones. In the hands of a skilled player, Nolan can turn the tide of a match, diving into fights, eliminating key carries, and safely disengaging or repositioning with Fracture. Nolan’s combination of burst damage, mobility, and team utility makes him a valuable asset in the current meta. Aspiring assassin mains should add Nolan to their hero pool, as his impact on the game is expected to be significant in future seasons.


Nolan's success lies in leveraging his unique abilities and mobility while adapting his item build to counter enemy defenses. With the right items and mastery of his mechanics, Nolan can unleash his full potential, dominating the battlefield as a true master of Mobile Legends. So, if you have not yet owned the powerful Nolan, only requiring 599 MLBB diamonds, it is a great loss!