Excitement is building within the FC 24 Ultimate Team community as the Team of the Season event concludes, paving the way for the highly anticipated Greats of the Game promotion. This upcoming campaign is set to spotlight a selection of Icons and Heroes, specifically those hailing from countries competing in the Euro 2024 and Copa America tournaments. Fans can expect to see some of the most legendary players receiving significant upgrades, enhancing their presence on the virtual pitch.

Leaked Player Names

Excitement is building within the FC 24 community as notable players are rumored to be part of the upcoming Greats of the Game promotion, following the conclusion of the Team of the Season event.

  • The much-anticipated Greats of the Game campaign is slated to kick off on Friday, June 7, at 10 am PST, aligning with the buzz of the European Championships and Copa America.
  • This new promo promises to deliver a thrilling experience, with each player receiving potential upgrades tied to their national team's success in the ongoing international competitions.
  • Leaks have surfaced, revealing an impressive roster of football legends who are expected to grace the Greats of the Game lineup:

  • Brazilian maestro Rivaldo

  • Romanian wizard Gheorghe Hagi
  • French powerhouse Emmanuel Petit
  • Italian sharpshooter Antonio Di Natale
  • Mexican hero Luis Hernandez
  • Spanish defender Joan Capdevila
  • German midfield general Michael Ballack
  • Serbian defensive rock Nemanja Vidic

  • These leaks suggest that the promotion will live up to its name by featuring a collection of iconic players who have left an indelible mark on the game.

Promo Details and Release Date

Leaked Icons and Heroes

Excitement is mounting among fans as the Greats of the Game promotion is set to include an impressive lineup of iconic footballers.

  • Brazilian legend Rivaldo is on the list, promising to bring back memories of his dazzling skills.

  • Romania's Gheorghe Hagi, known for his masterful playmaking, is also expected to feature.

  • The French midfield maestro, Emmanuel Petit, is set to grace the promo, much to the delight of his admirers.

  • Italy's sharpshooter Antonio Di Natale is tipped to be part of the stellar cast.

  • Mexican star Luis Hernandez is anticipated to join the ranks, adding his striking prowess to the mix.

  • Representing Spain, Joan Capdevila is another name leaked to be among these football greats.

  • German powerhouse Michael Ballack is poised to make a return, potentially boosting midfields in the virtual game.

  • Lastly, Nemanja Vidic, the Serbian defensive stalwart, is rumored to complete this formidable list of football legends.

Upgrade Mechanism

The revelation of four players for the upcoming promotion suggests a roster of remarkable talent, aptly aligning with the theme of the event.

Participants in the Game Greats promotion stand to benefit from performance-based enhancements tied to their national teams' achievements in major tournaments like the Euros or Copa America.

  • Should a player's national team tally up two goals in either the Euros or Copa America, that player will receive a boost of +1 to their Overall Rating (OVR) .

  • In the event that a player's national side notches four goals during these competitions, an additional upgrade is on the table: either +1 to their Pace Stat (PS) or a perfect 99 to a chosen Face Stat .

Closing Thoughts

The anticipation surrounding the Greats of the Game promotion is palpable, and we're eager to witness the unfolding of this fresh initiative.

We're curious to hear your thoughts on which players you'd like to see featured in the Greats of the Game promotion. Share your picks in the comment section.

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