Unlock the full potential of your player with the addition of Incisive Pass+ and elevate their game! This upgrade not only adds a new dimension to their PlayStyle, but also provides incremental enhancements such as a +1 boost to Weak Foot accuracy, Trickster abilities, and Power Shot prowess. Dive into the transformative journey with our guide to the Incisive Pass Master Evolution .

This innovative feature is a boon for Ultimate Team enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to strengthen their squad with strategic player enhancements.

  • Essentials for Incisive Pass Master Evolution : To embark on this evolution, specific player requirements must be met.

Incisive Pass Master Evolution Player Requirements

Discover the optimal candidates for the Incisive Pass Master Evolution and the method to successfully enhance your players. We'll guide you through the pivotal steps for player improvement and introduce three prime candidates for this transformation.

With the advancements in FC 24, players adhering to EA's specific criteria are poised for progression. It's crucial to recognize that this opportunity isn't available to all players within the game.

Selecting the right player for this evolution is a critical decision. Whether you opt for a favorite from your club or aim to cultivate a player into a formidable force, be mindful that this choice is final. Consider your options carefully, as there's no turning back once a selection is made.

Outlined below are the prerequisites for the Incisive Pass Master Evolution:

  • Maximum Overall Rating: 90
  • Maximum Pace: 91
  • Maximum Shooting: 92
  • Maximum Playstyles: 7
  • Maximum Playstyles+: 2

Take these requirements into account as you choose the player to evolve, ensuring they align with these specified limits.

Top Picks for Incisive Pass Master Evolution

To elevate your squad's performance, consider integrating a player who excels in decisive passing through our Evolution program. Eligibility is contingent on certain criteria that the player must fulfill.

Here are the top three selections for exceptional results within the Evolution system, complete with their anticipated ratings:

  • Ruud Gullit, the iconic midfielder, boasts a 90 overall rating.
  • Martin Ødegaard, representing the Centurions from Arsenal, also stands at a 90 overall rating.
  • Lothar Matthäus, another iconic figure in the midfield, matches the others with a 90 overall rating.

The Evolution Process

To enhance your chosen player's capabilities, it's crucial to understand the necessary steps to boost their overall rating by +4 OVR.

For a successful journey through the Incisive Pass Master Evolution, follow the detailed instructions outlined below.

Level 1: The Initial Boost

Initiating Evolution: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Participate in any game mode for a total of three matches, ensuring your evolving player is actively competing.

  • Secure victories in at least two matches within Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, playing on a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro with your evolving player on the field.

First-Tier Bonuses:

  • Enhance your player's Overall rating by 2 points.

  • Improve Shooting skills with a +2 increase.

  • Boost Defending capabilities significantly with a +3 enhancement.

  • Add a modest +1 to Pace, making your player quicker on the field.

  • Elevate Passing ability by 1 point.

  • Adopt the 'Trickster' PlayStyle to add new dimensions to your player's game.

Level 2: Advancing Your Player

Tier 2 Objectives:

  • Participate in 3 matches within Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions with your EVO player actively involved.

  • Secure victories in a minimum of 2 Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions matches at Semi-Pro difficulty or higher with your EVO player in play.

  • Achieve 3 assists with your EVO player in Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions matches on at least Semi-Pro difficulty.

Tier 2 Enhancements:

  • Boost in Overall Rating by +2

  • Improvement in Shooting by +2

  • Enhancement in Dribbling by +1

  • Increase in Pace by +2

  • Augmentation in Passing by +3

  • Upgrade in Physical attributes by +2

Level 3: Reaching the Peak

To advance to the third level of mastery in the Incisive Pass Master Evolution, players are tasked with the following challenges:

  • Secure victories in two matches within either the Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions modes, ensuring the difficulty is set at Semi-Pro or higher, with the participation of your evolving EVO player.

  • Participate in four matches across any of the modes – Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions – featuring your EVO player in the lineup.

  • Contribute to the game by assisting in five goals within the Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions modes, playing at Semi-Pro level or above, with the assistance coming directly from your EVO player.

Upon successful completion of these challenges, players will be rewarded with enhancements to their EVO player's abilities, including:

  • An improvement in Dribbling skills by 2 points.

  • A boost to the Weak Foot ability, increasing it by 1 point.

  • A physical attribute enhancement, adding 2 points to the player's physicality.

  • The addition of the PlayStyle Power Shot, augmenting the player's shooting capabilities.

  • The unlocking of the PlayStyle+ Incisive Pass, further refining the player's passing skills.


By successfully navigating through this Evolution challenge, you'll be rewarded with a substantial boost to your player's capabilities, witnessing a remarkable +4 OVR enhancement! This Evolution opportunity offers an exciting prospect to elevate your player's performance on the field.

Share with us which player you're planning to upgrade by dropping a comment below!

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