Electronic Arts has introduced a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring Wojciech Szczesny's Team of the Season (TOTS) card into FIFA 24's Ultimate Team mode, celebrating the Serie A Team of the Season event.

Let's delve into the details of Szczesny's upgraded card and guide you through the steps to successfully complete this SBC, allowing you to bolster your squad with the ex-Arsenal goalkeeper.

The TOTS event in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team has been graced with the addition of Juventus's Wojciech Szczesny, who has received a significant boost to his overall (OVR) rating, jumping up by 8 points.

As the Serie A Team of the Season promotion draws to a close, Szczesny's outstanding performances have earned him a coveted blue card, marking his achievements as one of the league's standout goalkeepers this season.

Card Overview

The esteemed goalkeeper from Poland has been honored with an impressive Team of the Season (TOTS) card by EA, boasting a solid 94 overall rating. This card features remarkable attributes such as 94 Diving, 92 Handling, 85 Kicking, 95 Reflexes, and 94 Positioning, making it a coveted item for FIFA enthusiasts.

SBC Requirements

Earning the FC 24 TOTS Szczesny SBC is quite manageable for players, as it involves assembling a single team without the need for any special PlayStyles+. Here's what's required:

  • Ensure to include at least one player from Serie A TIM in your starting lineup.
  • Your squad must feature a minimum of one player from any Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW).
  • The overall team rating should be at least 86.

This SBC is designed to be cost-effective, allowing players to add a high-quality goalkeeper to their roster without a hefty investment.

Completing the Challenge

Team Submission:

After successfully offering the specified team to the SBC, TOTS Wojciech Szczesny can become a part of your Ultimate Team roster for an estimated cost of 44.9K coins .

Cost Analysis and Considerations

While this particular player card might not set pulses racing, the rarity of a Goalkeeper SBC should be noted. For a modest sum of 44K, you have the opportunity to secure a top-tier goalkeeper. Nonetheless, with the Ultimate TOTS squad on the horizon, it might be prudent to conserve your coins and points in anticipation of acquiring a superior goalkeeper.


Are you planning to tackle the Team of the Season Wojciech Szczesny Squad Building Challenge? Share your thoughts and intentions in the comment section!

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