graduated from in 2022, launching her label, that very same year. This season she staged her runway debut at Shanghai Fashion Week, merging her experimental vision of outlandish silhouettes with a pragmatic and offering that included sharp leather tailoring, draped fringe, and some fabulously tech y knits. There are also plenty of looks that speak to the spring 2024 trends, a few straight from the runways them sees, like those from and. The actor wore a shorter version of the original version, allowing the voluminous tulle underskirt to peek out from the raw hem. Ten years ago, we were, for the most part, still shopping in an era where vintage was either super fancy and expensive, destined Golden Goose Sneakers for collectors and celebrities alike, or we were out rummaging around Porto bello Road or the Bowl at the crack of dawn with a dream of finding something amazing. Construction and tailoring was the epicenter of his business. That means there is a sense of destruction and decay the inevitable effects of the passing of time. spring 2024 collection of torn dresses sent me swooning. S, she I really started to work on more glamorous dresses because especially in San Francisco, they have all these s and evenings and everyone is dressing up all the time. So I figured this is a niche that women are interested in, and it works pretty well actually here in New York where in our circle of friends, there are many women who really want to have something that nobody else has and that you can wear in the evening. Its classic while still being extremely sexy, said. You want to jump in a, you are most welcome to. We were inspired by the idea of the transforming into an enchanted forest at dusk and looked to the pre for inspiration for an immersive experience for our guests, explained, a contributing editor who oversees the planning of the. For the past 8 years the at the has not actually been red; rather its design has been a reflection of the theme of that year show. The following day, the star also attended the 2024 Foundation; The event aimed spotlight women who are pushing culture, art, and design forward, and included honorees such as. This evening celebrated women who get shit done together through dedication, shared brain space, and exchange, says Pike. arrived at GMA wearing a custom, fresh off the runway dress. Z and her stylist, modified look 7 from the brand fall 2024 collection to create a prim tea length spaghetti strap dress covered in yellow roses. Before you know it, it will be time to pack up our winter coats and say hello to warmer days. The actor has given us a press tour filled to the brim with sporty numbers and tennis ball hues. Amongst other off the record things, they shared that their belt business is booming. These looks now go beyond the occasional menswear riff on the womens messaging, and are now fashion propositions in their own right. We were chatting about how amazing it would be if we could create a space where people could find those iconic collections again in a space that was curated, and which showed you how to wear those things in a modern and relevant way. Not just an archival spot, which targets collectors and people who buy things to keep them in their closets, but women who want to see how they can wear pieces today.