From the knife edge heel to the razor sharp tip, all signs point to one thing The business pump has reclaimed its seat at the table. You might already have a black pair in your closet, so skip the neutral and opt for a power hue instead. Icy blue, red, and cream all make up the minimalist new color palette. A hat with over a century of history is bound to have some naysayers. In, this very publication called it hokey, and far too reminiscent of Newsies, and The Cut questioned if wearers were suffering an existential crisis. The hat, indeed, is a largely sexless item of clothing, which is fine. So, ahead of this year bash which is themed S ping Beauties Fashion Vogue is celebrating the spirit of the ball, looking back on the couples style moments that still resonate today. Outside the shows, street s are embracing girly influences with pearls, and pastels, and mixing it with punk influences like leather Golden Goose Sale and even safety pins. for all of the best street style photos from the fall 2024 shows in Tokyo. The theme is the Garden of Time, which is the title of a short story. If you've been watching vs. Nobody wants to be the person glued to their phone for the entire show, but capturing content straight from the runway has practical benefits. Vogue May cover star is smashing the fashion game on the Challengers press tour, giving a run for its money. From rocking a pleated sparkly minidress paired with tennis ball shaped heels by to a ensemble with a sequined, pleated skirt and embroidered tennis racket, she set the bar high. The fashions styled by Hart, who often dresses the star for her videos all pay homage to the signatures of summer style. The movie version of The Idea of You is less an adaptation and more a faint approximation. Perhaps its most depressing offense is shrinking from a successful, self possessed protagonist into a gooier, lesser version of herself, presumably in a bid to make her more likeable and accessible. In the novel, is alluringly aspirational. Much of fashion advice comes from surveying other people mistakes. She seen people squeeze into too tight jeans for the sake of claiming ownership on a smaller dress size but to what end? Cut the label out if wearing a size up leaves you feeling insecure. You'll soon forget whatever number was printed onto that bit of fabric, she reiterates, when you realise how fantastic you look. The festival grounds are so big, and you'll be going from stage to stage. You just want to be comfortable and have fun. For the record, though, I too am an uppie. The stylish end result made for a poignant nod to two of the tennis world most famous figures and was an apropos choice for the star Challengers tour. While some of other press tour looks have been more on the nose in terms of their tennis inspirations, this thoughtful app is perhaps her very best yet. is not many of his cohorts among them Formula One d and the basketball player in the sense that he has a keen eye for trending fashion and has taken full advantage of tunnel walks as the perfect photo op to showcase his sartorial chops.