What is His And Hers Promise Rings?

The promise ring is a symbol which is given to express love. Like wedding, engagement and Eternity rings, it's an excellent symbol for any romantic relationship. Promise rings are a much older design and are becoming more popular.

A little bit of background

A tradition dating back to many thousands of years ago: giving an engagement ring to show of love! For instance, we've found traces of rings worn by Roman brides, 200 years BC. However, it is difficult to determine whether these rings are the origins of engagement rings or promise rings.

The contemporary promise ring, as we understand it is from the decade of 2000. It was loved by American celebrities, and is still a contemporary concept and reflects the times of today, where the customs and behaviors are always changing.

What's the significance behind it?

The promise ring comes with a basic significance: it's a symbol for the love and devotion in relationships. This applies to both the giver as well as the receiver. Giving a promise ring marks an occasion for the couple. The promise ring may be handed out prior to the engagement ring however that's not always the scenario. It can also serve as an alternative for couples who do not wish to be married, but the engagement ring makes sense. . Couples may decide to make their own symbols for their commitment.

What does she look like?

The style of the promise ring does not subject to any rules. It is normal to pick it more modest than the engagement ring. It is often the shape of a heart, the intertwined designs, or even an infinity symbol.

When it comes to the choice of metal gold is still the most popular, unsurprisingly. In addition to the traditional yellow gold ring, the classic white gold ring is a an elegant and pure look. Rose gold gives a feminine and romantic touch.

Diamond promise rings are incredibly popular. As a symbol of love, stability and enduring, the diamond goes perfectly with a ring offered to mark a engagement. We often choose a ring with a variety of small stones to differentiate it from an engagement ring which is usually decorated with solitaire. Apart from the traditional choices, chic and unique styles are also trending, such as the marquise cut diamond.

We also recommend colored diamonds, especially the very feminine "champagne" shade, as well as colored gems such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Pink morganite and tourmaline will add a touch of softness to the rings. In addition, the pearl, an emblem of femininity and pure connection, is also popular.

What finger do you want to put the ring that you made on your vow?

The right hand is the usual area to wear it. If it is worn prior to an engagement ring, it is generally moved onto the right hand after the wedding. In this case, too, there are no set of rules that can be rewritten in this matter.

What time is it available?

It depends on the nature of your relationship you have with the person and the meaning you want to give to the engagement ring. A promise ring can be used to express a unique meaning at any time. A normal day can become a very special day in the romance which marks the start of a new chapter.

The only rule or more accurately, a recommendation that is worth mentioning is: when you gift the promise ring recipient must understand what this gesture means. Make sure there are no doubts or confusions. A happy couple should be on the same page. If you have been together for a long time and your partner is waiting for a wedding proposal, offering a promise ring on your anniversary could be wrongly interpreted. If you offer the promise ring on your anniversary, it can be misinterpreted by the receiver as if they don't think marriage is possible and only extend beyond the rings. This can cause a rift in the celebration for many years to come.