It's not hot foreplay. The most intriguing smells are grounded in modern Korean life. "Having easy access to a lot of your possessions is practical and allows you to readily adapt to many situations or be on the move Cheap Dior Shoes at a moment's notice," says psychologist on the science behind carrying a bunch of bags. Paris saw snow during the men's shows, which might explain why street stylers were wearing things like ski-goggle-sized sunglasses, and trapper hats. Everyone is waiting for. Yes, to release an album and to make some headline-inspiring paparazzi walk, but also to turn up at her own event. "I like a watch to feel strong, yet effortless-nothing too complicated," she says. "There's definitely a bit of a masculine feel to the collaboration, just as there's always a menswear feel to my collections. We join Facebook groups about it. She wore an oatmeal-colored T-shirt tucked into a pair of slim blue jeans from Isabel Marant, embroidered with a swirling gold pattern. The series is centered around the lives of real-life Upper East Side socialites and more-all glamorous figures who ruled uptown New York with their chic, expensive looks, often worn to lunch at institutions like La Cote Basque during the 1960s. Not only are the celebrities the top of the A-list, but their 'fits also live up to the hype. And then came his instant classic show last week, in which, among other countless moments of glory, tits-and hips, and even pubic hair they were merkins, but still-were on full display. The monogrammed stamp on the heel of his Lucchese caiman cowboy boots came courtesy of DTLA Custom, which is owned by fellow Tara Martin. Of course, there's also some diehards in the mix, so don't be surprised to see black leather and even a shearling or two. I like to put my foot down, draw my boundaries, but I also like to have fun. Whether it's a prelude to your big day or just a low-key way to tie the knot, city hall weddings never disappoint. And fashion-wise, it gives a bride the option to go for something a little less formal. Welcome to Milan, the third leg of the fashion world tour. While the Italian capital is always one of the season's most exciting destinations, debuts at establishment fashion at Tom Ford-has amped up the buzz to eleven. I bought it the dress above from the Soho store and wore it twice-don't remember the first occasion some benefit, I believe, after my retrospective at -and then, because I loved this dress so much, wore it again maybe a month later to the benefit. And to my surprise, Rachel Feinstein wore the exact same dress there is a photo of us together.