Concerning the exclusions of Russian teams from FC 24. EA told Eurogamer it would not lift the ban of Russian teams from participating in FIFA games, after they were completely removed out of EAFC 24 Coins as a show of solidarity with Ukraine. This means there won't be a Russian national team and Russian clubs that can play at the time of the game's release in the coming days, a reflection of FIFA 's ban on Russia which was issued in 2022 along with Belarus which is an ally close to Russia.

"EA Sports is as a solidarity with Ukrainian people, and as do many other voices from all over the globe of soccer, demands for peace as well as an end of the conflict in Ukraine," EA told Eurogame in a statement that was made public. EA did not make any comment on whether Belarus teams would remain out of the tournament, but it shouldn't come as a surprise to see them not participating involved in FC 24.

The ban on teams is part of EA's ongoing ban on game sales in Russia that includes high-profitable add-ons to games like Ultimate Team packs which is one of the largest revenues. Yet, EA and the various other companies who have banned sales of games have not closed off access for players in Russia who have already bought games or any related content.

The Russian government hasn't been able to take these actions of the gaming industry in a slack however, and has passed legislation to counter the bans. First was to openly legalize game piratery in March 2022 in its bigger efforts to fight the economic sanctions that have severely hampered the nation. In the last few months it was reported that the development of an official sanctioned game engine to compete with Unreal Engine 5 was approved by the Russian Ministry of Digital Development.

Electronic Arts is making some much-needed changes to its soccer annual game FC 24. The addition of cross-play between PC, PS5. Stadia as well as Xbox Series X/S gamers and also players from PS4 as well as Xbox One players, is very thrilling. Cross-play has been demanded in FIFA by players for quite a long time. But as exciting as it may be, EA is actually holding off on providing full support for the technology. Particularly, FC 24 is not offering cross-play in its well-known Pro Clubs game mode.

A confirmed statement from EA has stated that FC 24's cross-play feature will not be available for Pro Clubs in the foreseeable time. The reason according to EA is to ensure that "product innovativeness is of high top quality." Furthermore, Pro Clubs, according to EA is a degree of technical complexity that is higher than what developers can handle at the moment.

"Technical complexity" is a subtle method of describing the scenario. The Pro Clubs of FIFA permit the use of up to 22 players in an online multiplayer game that includes between 2 and 11 real players in each team. Connecting 22 players on one platform isn't a simple task and adding interplay of the four platforms can make difficult. In the real world, the platforms pose less complicated than 22 players, however EA is just exploring cross-play, and therefore it's plausible when they say that additional time is required.

It isn't stopping FIFA fans from feeling dissatisfied and angry about the situation However. Demands for cross-play being made available to FC 24 Pro Clubs are being circulated across the web and FIFA YouTuber JCC encouraging players to join support the cause. JCC along with other well-known players within the FIFA community are complaining that EA of placing the importance of cheap EA FC 24 Coins Ultimate Team above the core experience like Pro Clubs.