To no one's surprise, & Other Stories was the first place I looked, and the retailer did not disappoint. Between the sequin mini dresses, jacquard knitwear, and pearl-embellished berets, the options are truly endless. And the additional 25 off sitewide for Black Friday is the cherry on top. Let's be honest: Most of us seem to be seeking out looks that scream wealth without breaking the bank. Unsurprisingly, the obsession with all things quiet luxury is still going strong, no matter how many times we've heard the now-ubiquitous term. There is nothing like the confidence boost you get when you are wearing a great outfit that gives off a rich vibe or the boost you get from all the compliments when you are out and about in one of these looks.I have noticed that when I wear certain pieces, friends start doling out comments like, "You look so rich in that," or something to that effect. The offerings at Shopbop could consistently be described as chic. Period. There's just always a plethora of modern and forward selects, making it a go-to destination for many including myself and every other fashion editor on the Who What Wear team. You get the point: I'm obsessed.Naturally, I shared the edit with my co-workers, who are taking some time to get away to sunny destinations this season even if it's just a quick trip along the California coast, and they instantly fell in love with the selection, too. Keep scrolling to see what they're fantasizing about packing in their suitcases. "This summer, I'm planning a lot of trips down to my hometown of Laguna Beach. Seasoned hostesses know a last-minute catastrophe will always pop up. From unexpected plus-ones added to drama with the catering company, you never know what will be thrown your way the day of a party. Instead of spending the hour before your soirée primping and deciding what to wear, youre stuck dealing with an undercooked turkey or putting out extra place settings. Not only does linen allow you to breathe and keep you cooler during the hotter months, but it looks ultra-chic while doing so. There's nothing more timeless than a crisp linen button-down over a swimsuit or tailored linen trousers for an alfresco dinner. For me that's a win-win, so I'm typically living in the airy fabric from June through September.Since linen is a staple in my summer wardrobe, I've been browsing Golden Goose Shoes Outlet all the major retailers for the best pieces to add to my closet this year. You can bet I found you a more affordable version you're welcome. Scroll down to shop all six trends that the Parisian mother-daughter trio is wearing for winter. 1. As the face of the new scent, along with directing the short film for it, it's no wonder that Emma Watson's full Prada look was a breath of fresh air, and a combination we never knew we needed. Socks, a see-through dress, some '90s-inspired Mary Jane shoes, and a sparkly bag. True to her edgy style, Emma finished the look with an oversized blazer, a useful staple for just about any wardrobe.