Path of Exile's endgame presents players with the daunting task of collecting Voidstones to enhance their atlas, unlocking higher-tier maps, and accessing more lucrative content. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the methods and strategies for obtaining all Voidstones in the game.

Divine Orbs holds immense importance in the game, serving as the primary medium of exchange for trading items, crafting powerful gear, and accessing premium features. With a diverse array of currency items, players can modify item properties, reroll equipment stats, and enhance their characters' capabilities. Moreover, certain currency items are essential for unlocking endgame content, such as maps and labyrinth trials, thereby shaping the trajectory of players' adventures in Wraeclast.

What are the Voidstones?

Voidstones are essential items that augment the atlas, resulting in increased map drops and upgraded map tiers. With each Voidstone applied, maps receive a tier boost of four levels, up to a maximum of tier 16. Moreover, Voidstones provide an opportunity for tier 17 map drops, further enriching players' endgame experiences.

How to Get the Grasping Voidstone

- Upon reaching the endgame phase, players will encounter Kirac, who initiates instructions on map mechanics.

- Progress through maps and maintain the Maven's influence by completing objectives displayed on the screen.

- As objectives advance, encounter the Maven and the Envoy, introducing two distinct influences: Eater of Worlds and Searing Exarch.

- Fulfill new objectives by alternating influences based on map tiers until reaching the conclusion of Eater's objectives, obtaining the Screaming Invitation.

- Activate the Screaming Invitation in the map device to face the Eater of Worlds pinnacle boss and acquire the Grasping Voidstone.

How to Get the Omniscient Voidstone

- Similar to the previous process, advance through maps using the Searing's influence to access higher-tier maps.

- Upon reaching tier 16 maps, obtain the Incandescent Invitation.

- Activate the Incandescent Invitation in the map device, triggering a boss encounter with the Searing Exarch.

- Defeat the Searing Exarch to obtain the Omniscient Voidstone.

How to Get the Ceremonial Voidstone

- The Ceremonial Voidstone drops from the normal version of the Maven, requiring completion of various objectives.

- Fulfill the Maven's initial quests by completing different maps under her influence.

- As map bosses are defeated under the Maven's influence, progress is recorded in the Maven's Crucible.

- Fill the progress bar in the map device by completing the Maven's objectives to obtain the Maven's Invitation.

- Activate the Maven's Invitation to enter the Maven's Crucible and face multiple map bosses simultaneously.

- Upon completing the encounter, receive rewards, including Crescent Splinters, which can be converted into the Maven's Writ.

- Use the Maven's Writ to initiate a battle with the Maven, acquiring the Ceremonial Voidstone upon victory.

How to Get the Decayed Voidstone

- The Decayed Voidstone is acquired from the Uber version of the Elder, requiring meticulous preparation.

- Begin by farming the normal versions of the Shaper and the Elder to collect their respective fragments.

- Obtain Shaper's fragments from Shaper maps and Elder's fragments from Elder Guardian maps.

- Utilize the Remnant of the Past atlas passive skill and maximize map nodes to efficiently farm fragments.

- After gathering enough influenced maps, run them to trigger the Maven's influence and activate appropriate Maven's Invitations.

- Defeat the Formed or Twisted invitations in the Maven's Crucible to obtain bonus fragment drops.

- Accumulate fragments for the Uber Elder and activate them in the map device to initiate the final showdown in the Absence of Value and Meaning arena.

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