BlizzCon's WoW Classic Demo Has Time Limitations


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The rune system introduced with Season of Discovery is more than an add-on for player character development; it represents a fundamental shift in character customization, moving beyond talent tree choices and providing you with ways to enhance game play in unique ways.

No matter if it be offensive, defensive, or utility spells - the options available to a Discipline Priest are wide ranging. He can select between powerful single-target heals that require channeling or damage increases for all utility spells.

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WoW Classic Season of Discovery provides players with many new rewards to discover Azeroth. Ranging from new leveling phases and rune engraving options, to an innovative player power system - players have many avenues open to them in this expansion!

But this expansion also brings with it new challenges, including level-up raids requiring advanced player skill to overcome. Failing to meet these criteria may result in unfavorable outcomes including lost gold and inventory.

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