The no-stretch style is a favorite of mine for its vintage appeal and flattering fit. But when you're sitting upright in a confined space for hours on end and can barely bend over in them to pull your suitcase off the baggage claim conveyor belt, let alone reach down to quickly remove your shoes when going through security, it's quite apparent that they're the worst denim style to wear on a flight.But all of this isn't to say that I've stopped wearing jeans on flights entirely. In fact, nine times out of 10, you'll find me in them when I travel. Keep scrolling to shop six looks that you'll be folding into your suitcase in no time.Judith Jones, Sr. Market Editor, Who What Wear "I'm a big fan of a polo silhouette. It inherently adds a preppy polish to any look. Should I keep watching that show I'm only semi into? I'll put a poll on my stories. My Instagram friends even helped me and my husband decide between a few honeymoon destinations. But when it comes to fashion, that's my forte, and I'm here to provide all the recommendations. Even though I've written plenty of stories about packing over the years, I don't always practice what I preach. Packing isn't my forte, and I typically find myself scrambling at the last minute to put together appropriate outfits, which inevitably leads to panic shopping. The problem with panic shopping besides stress and high express shipping costs is that you generally only think about this one occasion instead of considering longevity and what you need in your wardrobe. As I sit here in the throes of a very humid NYC summer, I can't help but dream about the cooler temperatures of a crisp fall day. We're going to ignore the fact that I begged for warm weather throughout winter because it's hard to live in the present when I'm always looking to the sartorial Bottega Veneta Bag Sale season ahead. Don't blame me blame my job and the fact that my AC unit is on its last leg. While they may be small in size, they still have a big impact on your look. Theres really no easier way to make your wardrobe feel more current and on-trend for the season than with accessories. After all, updating your hats, jewelry, and handbags is a lot simpler than overhauling all of your actual clothing, and as youre about to see, it can also be a lot more affordable.From woven totes to colorful jewelry, the list below is not one to miss. And then there's our very own senior market editor, Judith Jones, who's a busy mom of two and always on the lookout for ways to wear the season's latest trends. No matter our styling needs, Stitch Fix is our favorite way to work with a team of experts to revamp our wardrobes. It's as simple as completing a quick online style quiz let's be honest: that's really all we have time for, and then the Stitch Fix stylists get to work selecting your perfect pieces.Judith recently teamed up with Stitch Fix stylist Amberly Reese to put together three outfits that perfectly encompass the trends Stitch Fix predicted in its 2023 Style Forecast, which was informed by billions of data points from millions of clients, and key insights from thousands of expert stylists.