We could go on, but you get the point. TikTok's latest rebrand is focused on nail color a classic purplish-red nail color to be exact. Whatever you call it, whether mahogany, merlot, or something else entirely, it's been given a new name and a new life. I love scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing the gorgeous holiday and seasonally appropriate looks the professionals are creating, but whenever I try to do them myself, they always fall flat. If you can relate, this story is for you. Winter makeup does not have to be complicated, folks, and I decided to ask celebrity MUAs for the easiest looks that don't skimp on quality. Usually, when I notice or hear of a new color trend bubbling up, I respond either with disdain or disinterest because, honestly, Im not that into colors. Sure, Ill wear a vibrant party piece or statement accessory every now Golden Goose Sneakers Sale and then, but when it comes to day-to-day dressing, my style is pretty simple, and I like to keep it that way. Thats why when I recently noticed a new colorless trend on the street style scene as well as in the offerings of so many of my favorite brands, I found myself very into it, and I knew anyone else with minimalist tendencies would feel the same.If youre still with me and havent gone straight for the below shopping section, the trend Im referring to is black-and-white. Born in the early summer, this Halzan was born in Hermes Fall Winter 2014 collection. Being Hermes, its design is extremely down-to-earth. Wear this Hermes Halzan in four unique ways; unfold the flap to get your gigantic shopping panion, fold it and close the buckle to get a perfect clutch for your dinner party, attach the shoulder strap for a hands free action in a messenger style or just shorten the strap to get your cute little shoulder bag. The Fendi C'mon is a satchel-style shoulder bag with feminine, curved lines. It oozes the same elegant simplicity felt throughout the collection and is described as a versatile ode to pure sophistication. The construction of the Medium Fendi C'mon is peculiar: the flap and back is crafted from FF jacquard fabric, while the sides are in grained leather. Below, she tells me the five winter trends that are guaranteed to take over in 2023.1. Leg Warmers "I'm really excited about leg warmers this season. I think they're so fun to pair with boots but also with heels. And it's all thanks to fashion influencer goldensgoosesvips.com and Paris native Camille Yolaine and Who What Wear Editorial Director Lauren Eggertsen, who just got back from a trip to the French capital.Both women agree that French style has a certain je ne sais quoi. Women in Paris have the non-fussy, simple, but polished look that we're all striving for. And the way they achieve it is simpler than you think.