In the ever-evolving world of Valorant, anticipation mounts as players await the arrival of the game's latest agent, Clove. With details slowly trickling in ahead of the official reveal, fans are eager to learn more about this mysterious addition to the roster. From release dates to leaked abilities, here's everything we know so far about Clove and what players can expect upon their arrival.

Release Date

Clove's arrival in Valorant is eagerly awaited, set to debut during Act 2 of Episode 8. With the recent launch of update 8.04, anticipation for this new agent has reached a fever pitch. Fans can expect a grand unveiling during the VCT Masters Madrid 2024 finals on Sunday, March 24. This event will showcase Clove through an official trailer and live gameplay, adding to the excitement. Following the reveal, players can look forward to acquiring Clove in-game, likely with a new update on Tuesday, March 26, or Wednesday, March 27, ensuring a thrilling addition to Valorant Smurf Accounts.

Bio and Abilities

As the 25th agent to join Valorant's ever-expanding roster, Clove assumes the role of Controller, a category previously occupied by five other agents. Notably, leaked information suggests that Clove will be the game's first non-binary playable character, marking a significant step forward in diversity and representation. While details about Clove's backstory remain shrouded in mystery, snippets of information have surfaced, offering tantalizing hints about their origin and abilities.

Months before the official reveal, eagle-eyed players caught wind of Clove's existence through a Player Card included in the battle pass for Act 1 of Episode 8. This subtle teaser hinted at what was to come, sparking speculation and excitement among the community. More recently, glimpses of Clove were revealed through the cover art for the song 2 Worlds by Madge, further fueling anticipation for the character's debut.

Hints about Clove's abilities have also emerged, with references to butterflies and resurrection capabilities making waves among players. Voice messages found within the game files allude to a character wielding hundreds of butterflies, hinting at a potential thematic element in Clove's kit. Additionally, leaks suggest that Clove may possess the ability to revive fallen teammates, adding a unique twist to their gameplay mechanics.

Leaked ability names offer further insight into Clove's kit:

- (C) Pick Me Up

- (Q) Meddle

- (E) Ruse

While specifics about each ability remain speculative, players eagerly await official confirmation and detailed descriptions of Clove's powers.

Stay Updated

As the anticipation continues to build, players are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on Clove's abilities and release details. This article will be regularly updated to provide the latest information, ensuring that players remain informed about all things Valorant. For the latest news and updates on Clove and other competitive shooters like Valorant, don't forget to follow us on our social media channels.

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