"To complement the beachy and sophisticated vibe, my accessories from Cult Gaia included a bag, sunglasses, and hair clips were perfect for the celebration," she told us. See the wedding guest outfit Gunn wore to the wedding below. You'll also uncover some other looks she packed for this warm-weather getaway. The number one thing I spent my money on in 2023 was traveling. Well, it was actually paying New York City rent, but after that, it was spent on escaping the city I pay so much to live in go figure. In 2024, I'm predicting it will be much of the same since I Dior Shoes Outlet can't seem to stay in the city for too long without planning a getaway, even if it's just for a weekend. If you're simultaneously obsessed with the latest micro-trends but too intimidated to test them out, you've come to the right place. This is Ways to Wear, a monthly series where editor Eliza Huber offers a dose of outfit inspiration centered around current trends that feel intriguing and overwhelming at the same time. Consider it your guide to actually wearing the coolest items of the moment, no matter how puzzling they might appear at first.As someone who tests trends for a living, it's rare for one to stump me. Each year, I stockpile my time off to take one big trip just at the start of the summer. This year, I'm setting off in early June as the flights are cheaper, cities are less overrun with tourists, and the heat hasn't fully set in like the unbearably blistering months of July and August. My entire vacation involves a 3-week trip traversing around Europe. Just as predicted, they did not disappoint. The finds were so good it was difficult to narrow them down, but I did it, and our style will be all the better for it. From easy linen slip dresses to this season's must-have sandals, I found some truly iconic pieces I know I'll wear all spring. Time will tell, but Angelina Jolie seems to have chosen the latter.Jolie was recently photographed at JFK wearing a Dior trench coat, a Celine bag, Salvatore Ferragamo slide sandals, and a pair of very wide, lightweight jeans that seem so much breezier than and just as comfortable as leggings or sweatpants. If you haven't heard, NYC has been sweltering lately.After seeing how chic Jolie looks, I'm fully convinced that I need to start shopping for a pair of wide-leg pants stat. Keep scrolling to join me. I paired it with this black coat to neutralize the look, but I love that this is a closet staple that I can wear even after the holidays.Where will you be spending the holidays this season?I'll be spending the holidays in Florida with my family. Contrary to popular belief, it gets quite chilly in central Florida during this time of year, so a long-sleeved dress like the ribbed one I'm wearing is absolutely perfect. I can easily throw this coat over my shoulders to get that winter look without feeling too hot. So, without further ado, lets get into it.Skip: Princesscore Adopt: Coastal Grandmother I should preface this by saying that for each trend, I sent my grandmother reference images, and then we talked about them for two hours, so in no way did I coax her into choosing the "costal grandmother aesthetic. As she explained to me on the phone, "Ive been married for 53 years; Im far diorshoesvip.com past the princess stage of life. I understand why younger generations love the princesscore trend the ruffles, puff-sleeves, and tea party florals are darling.