The primary thing is just getting medically cleared. Madden 24 coins  that's the No. 1 priority. When I am medically cleared I'll undergo an evaluation by my agent and we'll determine the best way to proceed.This is a bit of"smoke and mirrors. You never know who's really, really interested in you because certain people prefer to keep their cards very close to their chests, while others aren't. There are numerous teams that I've talked to and asked questions to, but I'm unable answer because you don't really know until draft day.

Simply put, I want to play at the highest level in football. This is the most important aspect for me. I don't even care where you go, as everywhere I go, I'm sure to get a very talented, driven guy that's going strive to bring every inch of his potential out, max everything I have in my body out. Whatever place I'm fortunate enough to land is going to find a man with all of his potential fully developed throughout the year, all the way through.

Jumps off the tape Austin Sferian-Jenkins is so effortlessDanny Kelly *MMOexp.comThe Washington tight end may not make headlines when he runs 40 mph however, he does have another thing to be proud of. Madden NFL 24 coaches like to spot in a catcher. It's a jump off the tape for Austin Seferian-Jenkins is so smoothWhat traits do those guys have which you also have?

I believe I'm a good route runner. I'm still working on my consistency of being the top route runner but also my ability to run routes can be compared to my ability to move open and make the contested catch as well as my blocking. I'm among the top tight ends who block to be drafted.

I'm pretty sure I'm the greatest overall skills, you know -- I'm an all-around tight end like Rob Gronkowski, who can block, catch and create plays.  Buy mut 24 coins xbox Just like Jimmy Graham, I can be out there and catch slants all over the field. I'm also like Kellen Winslow Jr. He was a player, and when the ball is in your hands I locate the end zone.

I think I need to improve in all areas. Improve my route running ability, I have to increase my consistency at the pad level when blocking and my technique. In all honesty, I'm going to have to improve everything if I want to be where I want to be one day.

Returning to the mix, was it tough hearing at the last minute you weren't going to be able to get the job done?

You work really hard for two to three months, and you're eager to show everyone how quick you are, suddenly, they tell you that you shouldn't. So , yeah, it was somewhat frustrating but I'm sure that the doctors were watching out for me, and I appreciate that. Looking back on it, I'm happy I didn't go for a run as you never know what might happen and has happened with men who aren't taking care of themselves.