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The manufacturer of the Whizzinator is an American company called Alternative Lifestyle Systems. It specializes in adult sex toys. It also sells fake urine that is used to evade drug tests. The company has over 15 years of experience. The original version of the Whizzinator was marketed to cheat on probation tests. The device is easy to use, and it heats the fake pee to the right temperature.

When it comes to surviving those nerve-wracking drug tests, you need the best synthetic urine to ensure a clean result. The top brands are safe to use, discreet and effective. They come in both powdered and liquid forms. This kit includes a synthetic urine sample, an instructions manual, syringe and heating pads. It takes about an hour to prepare and set up. You’ll need to mix the dried urine with water, inject it into a bag attached to a fake penis, and apply the heating pad. It’s also important to keep the temperature consistent.

The Whizzinator Touch has a prosthetic with a touch sensitive internal pinch valve that lets you control the flow of the urine with one hand. Just pinch when you want it to start flowing and release it when you’re done. The whizzinator is a device that simulates the process of urination. It consists of a fake penis, a urine pouch, and a heating pad. The heating pad is an important component because it helps to keep the fake pee warm, making it look and feel like real urine.

To use a whizzinator, simply inject the synthetic urine into the bag, strap it on, and attach the heating pads. Once the heating pads are on, position the uncovered sample cup at the base of the fake penis and provide it to the lab specialist. When you receive notice of a drug test and have less than two days to present yourself for urinalysis, it's important to have a fake urine kit handy. According to various online Whizzinator reviews for probation, using the dried urine method will increase your chances of passing a drug test without being caught.

Whizzinator is a reusable electronic device that holds and heats the sample to body temperature. It has been on the market for 16 years and is a safe option to use if you follow the instructions in the manual. One can visit the site to get complete insights about SYNTHETIC PEE .

The kits include a waistband, leg straps, one vial of lab grade sterile Golden Shower dehydrated synthetic urine that has the same pH, color, smell and specific gravity as real pee, two eight hour heating pads, a temperature indicator, and a set of instructions. The Whizzinator is a kit that can help you pass urine drug tests. It comes with everything you need to fake a urine sample, including dried urine, a syringe, and heating pads. It also includes a fake penis that is available in different skin colors to match your complexion.