The only thing certain about a Patriots draft pick  Madden 24 coins is that nothing is certain. Would Daxton Hill would be a great pick here? Absolutely. Could I see the Patriots picking some obscured outside linebacker from a DIII school who ends up becoming an All Pro? Yup. That said, I gotta pick someone that at least makes sense, and a rangy, athletic safety with cornerback instincts is exactly what this team needs.

I’m having the Packers pick two wide receivers in the first round, and I won’t apologize — because they need to. You don’t bring back Aaron Rodgers and sign him to a massive new extension, then trade away Davante Adams unless there’s a plan. Grabbing an aging WR in the death knells of free agency is not the move. So with this first pick I have them grabbing Burks, a big, smooth, natural route runner with major upside.

This probably isn’t the board the Cardinals envisioned, but I really like Elam for Arizona. He’s been underrated for much of draft season and can hang with a lot of the guys taken earlier on this list. Florida has been a breeding ground for great defensive backs, and he’s next in line. He’s above-average in every area that matters, and just needs to become a little more disciplined with his man, and not be afraid to press more at the line.

There’s no pick in this draft that feels like more of a lock than this one. Dallas really needs interior line help to open holes for Zeke, and Green is such a plus-level player in this area. The Cowboys will have had tons of time to scout him, the position and fit are perfect — and I have no doubt he’s gonna be a perennial pro bowler for the Boys.

I have a lot of potential players here, but Hall just feels right. The one thing the Bills have been lacking is a top-tier running back, and the physicality Breece Hall brings to the position is a natural fit. There is absolutely no way he’ll last beyond the Top 10 picks of the second round, making grabbing him here a  cheap mut 24 coins necessity. This rounds out Buffalo’s offense and gives them a whole other dimension.