Pickett has a really good arm, an Madden NFL 24 arm, but not a cannon. All of this, paired with the surreal argument about his hands, could push him down the board unfairly. From top-to-bottom this weekend was about sealing his spot as the No. 1 QB in this class, and that didn’t happen. In fact, Pickett has likely been jumped by the next player we’re talking about.

Nobody had a better weekend in Indianapolis Madden 24 coins  that Malik Willis, given the stakes. It’s been a hell of a pre-draft process for Willis in general, and that only intensified at the combine.

When I first mocked Willis to Atlanta at No. 8 earlier this year it caused a lot of drama. I’ve never gotten that much hate over a single pick, but I’ll take a lap now because it’s been vindicated. Willis is by no means a perfect, polished prospect — but my goodness the raw talent he’s put on display turned heads.

It started at the Senior Bowl, where he showed the speed to be a major threat in the run game. Then, his mystique grew when he was spotted handing out clothes to a person in need on the streets of Indianapolis, confirming the high character praise that’s been hoisted on him.

Willis then uncorked the prettiest throw of the weekend later than night during passing drills. While Willis didn’t run the 40, he’s shown enough football speed to mitigate it. Then reports emerged Sunday that he scored high on the Wonderlic, an inherently unfair measure of intelligence — but another bar he passed.

As it stands I believe Willis will now be the top QB taken this year. He will need to be in a scenario where he can sit and learn the finer points of reading Madden NFL 24 defenses and seeing top-tier competition after playing for Liberty, but the upside is so pronounced someone is going to roll the dice on finding an elite player.

Trey Lance rose all the way from the 20s to No. 3 last year because the 49ers believed in him. Willis could do the same. An amazing combine really helped that.

When you’re getting compared to J.J. Watt you know you’re doing something right. Davis has huge potential to be a disruptive force on the defensive line, whether it’s on the interior where he played most of his snaps — or now showing Buy mut 24 coins xbox  he has the speed to play on the outside.

There will be tons of comparisons to Aaron Donald as this process continues, and that bodes incredibly well for his draft stock. I think Davis moved himself up into the Top 10, and could even go higher if a team believes he’ll be a difference maker on the same level as those he’s being compared to.