Hall, a bruising, big-production back, blew people Mut 24 coins  away with his athleticism in Indy — showing he’s definitely a more well-rounded prospect than at first glance.

There’s a lot to like here, and I could absolutely see a team in the 20s looking at Hall and seeing the value of taking him as the top RB available, rather than taking the 5th, or 6th best lineman.

Time will tell, and there’s concerns about Hall having over 800 carries in his college career, but there’s a lot to like here too.

The quarterback shuffle this offseason has been wild, but it’s really an extension of the past three years. Player turnover happens all the time, but it’s never quite been like this at the QB position. Lost amongst the Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan trades of 2022 is a wider shakeup that’s been happening around the Madden NFL 24 with playoff teams moving into “win-now” mode, while the rest of the league tries to rebuild.

If you need further proof these last three years have been surreal. During the span from 2009-2012 was considered one of the greatest QB upheavals at the time. A total of 15 teams found new quarterbacks as veterans like Kurt Warner, Marc Bulger, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre and numerous more retired.

In that same gap from 2019-22: 22 teams have new QBs. Only 10 passers who started for their teams in 2019 will be still starting for them in 2022. It gets weirder, because while a total of 22 QBs are on new teams, 21 of these players are still starters in the Madden NFL 24. This is not like a decade ago when players retired, sure, some have hung it up — but this is about the same group of quarterbacks rotating around the league and finding new homes.

So, what does all this QB movement tell us? Firstly, teams have been very risk-averse in their approach to the position. Rather than trying anything new, or playing mid-round draft picks to see if they have talent, teams have had a propensity  cheap madden 24 coins to recycle failed players from other organizations.

Secondly, the crop of quarterbacks coming out recently have not been good. Of the QBs on the 2019 starting list who were drafted in the five years prior, only Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, Derek Carr, Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott and Daniel Jones find themselves still playing for the team that drafted them. In total eight drafted quarterbacks started on 2019 teams and are now on new organizations. This is a hit rate of under 50 percent, and that’s not good — especially when we’re talking about such a short time span.