Let’s just break the statistical leaders between Willis and Allen Madden 24 coins  from their final college seasons: Tom Brady’s biggest financial windfall is yet to come. On Tuesday it was announced that the Madden NFL 24 legend has a standing agreement with Fox Sports to join their broadcasting team when he decides to retire from playing, and the figure is absolutely staggering.

Brady will reportedly sign a 10 year, $375M deal with Fox, the largest in the history of sports broadcasting — and roughly three time more than Joe Buck, who accepted a five year deal from ESPN earlier this year. That figure, if true, is more than Brady earned during his entire 22 year Madden NFL 24 career thus far.

It’s unclear when Brady will retire to join Fox, though it seems nearer to becoming a reality. With Brady’s short term retirement following the Super Bowl, paired with this future announcement, there are now questions whether this will truly be Brady’s last in the Madden NFL 24. In stands to reason that Fox would not have informed investors of the future deal if it wasn’t planned to come to pass soon, meaning it could be time to prep for Brady on our screens ever week.

It’s presumed that Brady will become Fox Sports’ lead Madden NFL 24 analyst, a role that has yet to be filled following the departure of Troy Aikman, who left along with Buck for ESPN. It was believed former Bears and Panthers tight end Greg Olsen could have been chosen as a successor, though now that seems to be on hold — or at least a temporary gig until Brady is ready to dive in.

The game has been a long open wound for Raiders fans, and had colossal consequences on the Madden NFL 24. If the play was ruled a fumble the Raiders would have likely won, and had a strong argument to make it to the Super Bowl. Had that happened, it would have been unthinkable the team Buy mut 24 coins xbox  would trade head coach Jon Gruden to the Buccaneers. Meanwhile, had Brady not begun to cement his legacy that season with his first Super Bowl win there’s a very real chance the team would have gone back to Drew Bledsoe as starting quarterback in 2002 as he returned from injury. Had that happened we might never have seen Brady ascend to becoming the greatest QB in Madden NFL 24 history.

So while this was just one play, and a questionable call, it really set in motion so much of how the Madden NFL 24 has operated for the last 20 years. Now we at least have confirmation from the man himself that he might have gotten away with one.

It’s draft week. If you’re a chronic fan, you’ve probably visited the famous “Jimmy Johnson draft-pick value chart” at some point this week to see what it would cost for your Madden NFL 24 team to trade up for your favorite prospect or see how much your team could bring in with a trade back in the draft. The method to create that Johnson Chart, though, was market-based, not results-based. As The Washington Post recently put it, Mike McCoy “plotted on logarithmic paper every trade involving a draft pick over the previous four years” to find the value of a draft pick.