That’s not the point though. There are justifications for talking Mut 24 coins  Walker over Hutchinson that don’t involve lying about their college careers. You don’t take Walker for what he did at Georgia, you take him for what you think he could become — and that’s where there is no comparison between the two top pass rushers in this draft.

Hutchinson hasn’t reached his ceiling, but he’s close to it. He’s a player innately similar to Joey Bosa, who had a 16.0 sack season his final year ay Ohio State, and has gone on to be a reliable defensive end who gets 8-12 sacks a year and is a staple of the Pro Bowl.

In Walker, you’re hoping he’s J.J. Watt — but taken even further. Watt was a decently productive pass rusher at Wisconsin, who finished his junior year with 7.0 sacks, but certainly didn’t blow anyone away to the point he was a must-pick. Taken 11th in 2011, two pass rushers were selected before Watt (Von Miller and Aldon Smith). Watt was an upside pick, who had tremendous athletic potential, and ended up realizing all of it, turning into a monster who recorded 20+ sacks ... twice. And when I say Walker could be even more than Watt, that’s ludicrous hype, but it’s deserved.

You’re seeing almost identical agility ratings between the two, they’re more or less equal size, but Walker demolishes Watt in raw speed. We are seeing absolutely unheard of upside at defensive end, rivaled only by Myles Garrett in recent years — though it should be noted Garrett elected not to run the shuttle or cone at the combine, so the true comparison is skewed a little.

Now, it’s easy to get caught up in all this. When you use the phrase “he could be a better J.J. Watt,” it’s simple to imagine any team sprinting to the podium with the No. 1 pick card and being thrilled. What that doesn’t account for is the downside, the risk. What if the stars don’t align? What if the Madden NFL 24 doesn’t click buy madden 24 coins  for Walker the way it did Watt? What if coaching can’t make him realize that potential?

It’s here we get to the crux of the issue, and why I feel Walker at No. 1 would be a mammoth mistake for Jacksonville. This is a team who has whiffed time, and time, and time again with their first round picks, especially on the defensive line. Whether it’s Dante Fowler, Derrick Harvey or Tyson Alualu, the Jags have missed on first round defensive linemen so many times it defies belief. The shared DNA between these players: Upside over production.