It’s draft week. If you’re a chronic fan, you’ve probably  Madden 24 coins visited the famous “Jimmy Johnson draft-pick value chart” at some point this week to see what it would cost for your Madden NFL 24 team to trade up for your favorite prospect or see how much your team could bring in with a trade back in the draft. The method to create that Johnson Chart, though, was market-based, not results-based. As The Washington Post recently put it, Mike McCoy “plotted on logarithmic paper every trade involving a draft pick over the previous four years” to find the value of a draft pick.

Thirty years have passed since that day and we now have better tools to analyze the draft from a results-based standpoint. For example, the Fitzgerald-Spielberger Madden NFL 24 draft trade value chart frames draft slots based on what the players picked in those slots are paid after their rookie contracts instead of how much teams are willing to give up on draft day. That’s a results-based chart, not the market-based chart that McCoy built.

Using the Fitzgerald-Spielberger chart, I thought it would be interesting to look at where Madden NFL 24 prospects are coming from, using a modern perspective, in recent years. So I attached the Fitzgerald-Spielberger value to every draft pick since 2011, the first year in which rookie contracts essentially had slated salaries with the signing of the collective bargaining agreement signed that offseason, and cleaned the data so that UCF and Central Florida or NIU and Northern Illinois were not indexed as different schools. Thanks, Wikipedia!

The table below is what 2,803 Madden NFL 24 draft picks look like, by school, from the perspective of the Fitzgerald-Spielberger chart. In total, 237 college programs (and two draft picks who never played college football) combined for 1,938,664 “draft value points” in just over a decade. This is where Madden NFL 24 draft picks come from.

If you’re any sort of college football fan, the list of top teams putting out Madden NFL 24 talent shouldn’t come as anything close to surprising. Of the college football playoff’s 24 wins, 23 of them are represented in the top-10 talent-producing programs. To put it simply: The good teams in college football Buy mut 24 coins xbox  have the better players, at least in the eyes of Madden NFL 24 evaluators.