Instead of worrying about who plays professional ball where, this goes back to which of Australia’s two major rugby states a player was born in: New South Wales or Queensland. It’s the biggest rivalry in rugby and Mut 24 coins  sees teams torn apart to complete for their place of birth, rather than their professional club.

Obviously it’s more difficult here, but with a little work I think you could make a fair 25 state split, or even divide up the USA by east and west, based on where players were born. If this seems too difficult you could take another page out of rugby league’s book as do “city vs. country,” pulling players who grew up in metropolitan areas, and putting them against pros from rural areas. Hell, you could even divide up players by college for the ultimate dose of nostalgia. Essentially any split would be better than AFC vs. NFC and give something for fans to care about.

I know the Madden NFL 24 has a vested interest in making the Pro Bowl popular. It’s ridiculous that the biggest sport in America has the worst All Star game by a mile. I know there are concerns about injury or over-work, but the league seemingly had no problem increasing the number of regular season games anyway. At least in this scenario we’d be talking about giving the vast majority of the league an additional bye week, with only the stars competing. Literally any suggestion is better than what we have now, and I believe we can fix the Pro Bowl.

It seems like maybe, potentially, possibly the Madden NFL 24 is ready to rid itself of Dan Snyder. After a yearlong investigation into workplace misconduct, which unearthed details of an alleged scheme to defraud fans and the league, we could now be reaching an end to all this.

A report Sunday from USA Today Sports detailed that owners are in the process of “counting votes,” which would lead to Snyder being forced to sell the Washington Commanders. The fact that owners would reach this point is no surprise. The remarkable part is that it took this long to get here.

Snyder quickly ascended to becoming one of the league’s buy madden 24 coins  most reviled owners since taking over the Commanders in 1999 — surpassing even Jerry Jones. Cowboys fans have often had a love/hate relationship with Jones over the years, with those outside of Dallas disliking him/ Snyder did the seemingly impossible by alienating everyone — including the home fans. Before we discuss what could become the nail in Snyder’s coffin, let’s run down his greatest hits of horror since assuming ownership.