You best believe he’s going to make the  Madden 24 coins Madden NFL 24 pay for it. In the past you could justify reasons quarterbacks fell in the draft. There might be questions about their maturity, arm strength, or below-average meetings at the combine. Outside of the fact Willis did not spend time in a pro style offense there’s literally no reason a team didn’t roll the dice on his promise.

If you want to know how guys like Russell Wilson fall to the third round, this is it. Madden NFL 24 teams aren’t above being monumentally stupid, and this is the perfect example of it. This is a player who might not have all the tools right this second, but his upside is second-to-none, not just in this quarterback class, but of the last several years. Willis’ deep throw accuracy was the best in the Madden NFL 24 according to Pro Football Focus, he can escape the pass rush with his legs, he’s a high-character guy with a great head on his shoulders. In so many ways, outside of the size difference, Willis isn’t demonstrably different to Cam Newton.

That is what the Titans got with simply astounding value. It comes at a time the Titans are struggling at quarterback with Ryan Tannehill, despite having a playoff-caliber roster around him. The move will give Willis time to adapt and learn without the pressure of starting immediately, and when he’s ready to take over this team could have a truly dynamic offense.

I understand hesitation about this class in general, especially in the first round with the depth available at other positions. Letting a guy like Willis plummet like this because of those issues is beyond the pale. He is tailor made for the direction the Madden NFL 24 is going, and there’s functionally no reason Willis should go this late and Josh Allen get selected in the Top 10.

Let’s just break the statistical leaders between Willis and Allen from their final college seasons: Tom Brady’s biggest financial windfall is yet to come. On Tuesday it was announced that the Madden NFL 24 legend has a standing agreement with Fox Sports to join their broadcasting team when he decides to retire from playing, and the figure is absolutely staggering.

Brady will reportedly sign a 10 year, $375M deal with Fox, the largest in the history of sports broadcasting — and roughly three time more than Joe Buck, who accepted a five year deal from ESPN earlier this year. That figure, if true, is more  Buy mut 24 coins xbox than Brady earned during his entire 22 year Madden NFL 24 career thus far.