There’s still an outside chance, however small, a fleeting  Mut 24 coins glimmer of hope that this grand plan can work. That Mayfield can steady the ship in 2022 and get Carolina its much-needed immediate success, all while proving McAdoo’s offense can work and Corral is waiting in the wings to take over. Those are a lot of dominoes that need to fall the right way, but there is a possibility here. Now we wait to see if the Panthers will be the ones laughing, or if they continue to be the butt of jokes.

There are some Madden NFL 24 stadiums that are indelibly burned in your mind. The Packers play at Lambeau Field, the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium — and when it comes to the realm of corporate naming I think any football fan would be able to tell you in an instant that Gillette Stadium belongs to the Patriots, and Heinz Field is the home of the Steelers. At least, that was true until Monday morning.

The Steelers’ stadium is getting a new name after Heinz elected not to renew its naming rights after 20 years. Now we know where the black and gold will play in the fall, but not what the hell this company does. If you can tell me what Acrisure does without Googling, you’re lying. If you can tell me what Acrisure does even after Googling — you’re lying. This is the most confusing company on the face of the earth, and everyone is trying to work out what they do.

So, if you go to their website it’s clear they offer insurance. When you click to request a quote you’re met with this sentence, which I’ve parsed 100 times and still don’t know what it means. “We combine the best of human and high tech to deliver the extraordinary outcomes you’d expect from a top-10 global broker. Tell us about your needs and get a quote.” I don’t know what needs to be “high tech” about insurance. I’m unsure what the “extraordinary outcomes” would be in this case. I thought insurance was a pretty basic transaction.

The company says they offer home and auto insurance, which cool. madden 24 coins for sale  There are hundreds of insurance companies in the United States, from Geico and their delightful British gecko, to The General, and their mascot: Sleepy Shaq.

What makes the Steelers naming their stadium “Acrisure Stadium” weird is that by literally every available source that isn’t Acrisure directly, they are not a very large company. Certainly not large enough to imagine them getting naming rights to an Madden NFL 24 stadium up against the other titans in the league.