Palmer fell to his 5feet, supine and flailing after Kimo von Olhoeffen smashed him in the low area and tore his MCL and ACL.

This doesn't mean Palmer isn't performing well after He was quickly healed and played in all 16 games next year (no difficult task, just talk to Robert Griffin III) and even made the Pro Bowl. However, the Palmer at the end of the 2005 season -- who dominated to the top of the Madden NFL 24 with 32 touchdown passes and a 67.8 completion percentage , while throwing 12 interceptions in his second season as an active player -- has never returned. His accuracy dropped, the Bengals organization's problems resurfaced and he was plagued by elbow issues, which is likely the effect of throwing onto his surgically repaired knee.

His tenure in Cincinnati was over when the Bengals went 4-12 over the season of 2010. which was Palmer's eighth season with the team. Palmer declared that he'd rather retire at 31 than play for the Bengals again: "I have $80 million in my account. I don't have to play football to earn money. I'll be playing just for the joy of the game , but that passion must be in another place. I'm determined to live my life to the fullest." Think about that for a moment: Palmer, the first top pick in the 2003 Madden NFL 24 Draft, older than both Tom Brady and Mut 24 coins  Peyton Manning, was ready to never ever again play football at an age that was 31. That's how much playing for the Bengals sucks ass.

Bengals proprietor Mike Brown, who created his perpetual failure machine with nepotism and thrift, has refused to accept draft picks that were free from a league that is quarterback-deficient. "Carson signed the contract. He made a promise. He kept his word." Brown said. "We put our trust in his word. We relied on his word. We expected him to show up in this regard. He's going away from his promise. We're not going reward the man for his actions."

Brown finally made it halfway through the 2011 season, sending Palmer to Oakland for a pick in the first round and a conditional second rounder, one of the reasons the Raiders are able to remain far less successful as the Bengals in the past couple of decades.

There's a reason why Oakland's fans who love the game enjoy cheers in the Black Hole: because the collapsed star physics apply to Raiders. When quarterbacks reach the event horizon of being an Oakland Raider, their photons are slowed to zero, which means that we don't see them disappear. They just keep looking away.

Palmer was able to escape velocity after a trade made to the Cardinals in the spring of 2013. He helped lead the Cardinals to a 10-6 win making him the first athlete of Madden NFL 24 history to throw 4000 yards in a season for several teams. He was even better this year, winning each of his six starts during the time that the Cardinals raced to their place at the top of the NFC. The 11 touchdown passes he completed to three interceptions was the best ratio of his career.

In Week 10 of the year and he fell to the ground in the face of the Rams without touching by anyone, causing his ACL to tear again. This took Carson Palmer  buy madden 24 coins a decade to recover his career and the resurgence did not last for a full year until he was struck by the same injury that ended his career at the beginning. However, even if he doesn't is able to play again, he'll be able to finish his career as the most successful pro quarterback to hail from USC.

For a sport as unapologetically and stereotypically meaty as football is, I cannot help but admire Mark Sanchez's absolute dedication to never fumbling about how people perceive his style of play. The problem with the quote in the above paragraph is that Sanchez's armsor his use of it, at the very least- has been far less effective than any Broadway performer.