Whether you’re solo in the Goblin Caves or paired Darker Gold  with two friends and armed to the teeth, the first floor of the dungeon won’t offer nearly as many chances to level quickly once you’re about level 5 or above, so it’ll be time to delve deeper via red portals. Opening and entering red portals will guarantee some serious XP if you can manage to extract from the more dangerous depths. Of course, you’ll need to contend with increasingly fearsome enemies, who’ll thankfully also drop better loot and more XP.

The main benefit of maxing out your levels is the availability of new perk slots at 5, 10, and 15 which give you plenty more options to curate your build, so use the above methods to grind them out quickly, and you’ll be diving into the darkest of dungeons in no time. In the meantime, if you’ve been wondering whether you can play Dark and Darker on Steam, then check out what we know.

Following the surprise early access launch of Dark and Darker, Ironmace confirms that abusing any illegal gold exploits will net you a suspension.Beware, this Dark and Darker gold exploit will net you a ban: An armored man with a beard standing with a woman in purple with brown hair tied back stands in a dark cavern

Dark and Darker is out in the world once more, albeit not on Steam. Ironmace’s RPG game is now being distributed on Chaf Games, and is available in early access form to play right now. It’s worth noting, however, that a new bug allows players to amass vast quantities of cash dollar in-game, and Dark and Darker developer ‘Graysun’ confirms that abusing it will net you a ban.

It’s rare that an early access game launches without bugs, and Dark and Darker is no different. Having dropped out of the blue on Monday, August 7, the game proceeded to release and promptly break due to server overloads.

Ironmace has confirmed that the game will have “growing pains” throughout its early access period, one of which appears to be a coin glitch – it’s New World all over again, folks.

Basically, if you go to the Tavern Master and buy a series of lanterns at seven coins, you can then sell them back to the Woodsman for ten coins, giving you three coins of profit each time. Given that they’re both under the ‘travellers and merchants’ tab, this is a very easy way to farm gold.Well, not anymore, as Ironmace confirms via Discord that, if you do exploit this bug, you will likely be hit with a  buy Dark And Darker Gold ban.