Even though an Alabama team is a vast cry from an Madden 24 coins model yet, it's nonetheless encouraging.

What does Barnett need to accomplish in order to succeed in the Eagles?

He'll have to refine his speed-rush technique while adding some new elements in order to keep up with Madden NFL 24 offensive linemen. Madden 24 Nation's Stephen White points out that the more effective inside movewhether it's punching tackles back and working through the gap or developing an angle to redirect his momentum toward the pocket after his first couple of steps would create a nightmare for blocking opponents.

At the moment smart tackles could cheat considering that his preferred plan of attack is to take down the edge. A slap on a similarly strong inside rush could wipe the advantage -- and increase his speed rush by doing so.

There are a few elite pass rushers in the NFL, and the cost of that production is high. Chandler Jones signed a five-year, $83.5 million deal to remain in Arizona in the offseason. Jason Pierre-Paul renewed his contract with the Giants for $62 million over four seasons. Barnett who is still a rookie, on the other hand, will be able to get somewhere in the range between $10 million and $12 million for the first four seasons of his professional career.

It's a bargain, if his fast speed rush stands when compared to Madden NFL 24 tackles.

Barnett was possibly the most effective lineman in Tennessee with a record that includes Reggie White, a Hall of Famer. And now the Eagles will be hoping that he can play at least a small fraction of that for them during the Madden NFL 24.

Christian McCaffrey adds an explosive energy to the Panthers offense

The Panthers offense is about to get way more exciting as the team grabbed Christian McCaffrey with the No. 8 overall pick in the 2017 Madden NFL 24 Draft.

McCaffrey's resume from his collegiate days is one of the top resumes in the selection class. At Stanford He set the record for the most all-purpose yards a season in 2015 by accumulating 2.019 rushing 6.45 receiving, 1.070 in kick returns and 130 punt returns.

The feat was sufficient to earn him the 2015 Pac-12 Offensive Player of Year award, and almost enough to earn him the Heisman Trophy. Although his numbers weren't as gaudy during 2016. the defender still did well to lead the nation in all-purpose yardage, even though the fact that he madden 24 mut coins had more than 1000 yards less than he had the season prior.

Why did Carolina select McCaffrey?