Then, he stated that Foles "eventually become a center for us again." He was even talking about Keenum as their starter in February.

You'd think that some team would trade for Foles as the Rams are reported to have offered him a deal during the draft. But it's not going to be easy for any team on the terrible deal the Rams have offered him, including the possibility of an $8.7 million cap hit this year and an $13.2 million cap hit in 2017. Why should you make a deal when you can simply be patient and wait for the Rams to decide whether to trade him?

Obviously, a coach can't make fun of his quarterbacks through the media, in part due to the fact that they don't know when they'll be forced to depend on the player again. In the same way it's irresponsible to talk a guy into a corner in front of the world and then take the rug off under him. A coach who is rated as overrated like Fisher can be a numb fall, but he's far from the only one guilty of this.

When you think of great traditions in football, most think first of the collegiate game. In fact, college football is full of famous rituals like the Clemson's "Howard's Rock" and the "Play like a Champion Today" placard that every Notre Dame player touches as they leave the field.

However, Madden NFL 24 is a tradition with its very own. While some of these practices are more recent and modern than their college counterparts yet they're an integral part of the culture of football.

The Lambeau Leap

The Green Bay Packers are perhaps the most popular team in the world of sports. Their fans are the owners of the team, their stadium is a famous blend of history and modern amenity, and the team has won more championships than other in the Madden NFL 24. However, they are perhaps most famous in their history of scoring, which is known as the Lambeau Leap. The Leap began in Mut 24 coins  1993 when a Reggie White fumble recovery was left lateralized to LeRoy's Butler who took it in for the score before jumping onto the field. The practice became so well-known that the league grandfathered it in after the league implemented rules that banned celebrations at touchdowns. In the past, the Packers honored this tradition by recognizing the Lambeau Leap with a statue.

The Hogettes

One of the strangest traditions that can be found in Madden NFL 24 is the Hogettes. Hogettes are a collection of crossdressers that appeared in Washington home games and raised funds for charity. Their name as well as their suinae image come from The Hogs which was the elusive offensive line in those of the 1980s Skins teams that have won several Super Bowls. When the Hogettes retired in 2012. they earned $100 million to support charity organizations like the Children's Miracle Network, Ronald McDonald House, and March of Dimes.

J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

It is true that the New York Jets are hardly the only team to spell out their name with a chant. Half the Big Ten has its own variation on this concept. But it is true that the Jets fan base cannot be separated with the images of the Fireman Ed shouting out the stadium's cheers. Even though he has not been performing at games, the chant goes on.

The moment I am writing this, I consider Southern California my home. Although the Los Angeles market has been without an Madden NFL 24 team for more than two decades now, the locals are convinced that a team will arrive on their doorstep in the coming years. The majority of them are willing to accept any franchise with welcoming arms. The only team for which there's a little reluctance is the Oakland Raiders. Why? Because the Raiders are home to the most frightening fans in Madden NFL 24. They are dressed in hefty spiked outfits and with faces painted silver and black they create the fear of their opponents even when players do not.

Week 16 wasn't the most impressive of weekends to Madden NFL 24 officials. There were the normal poor helmet-to-helmet call (Panthers cornerback Josh Norman's strike to Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins on the first play of the second half of their game). There were questionable in bounds/out of bounds decisions cheap madden 24 coins  (Vikings tight end Rhett Ellison's touchdown/not touchdown right before halftime could be a touchdown).