The same is the case in EAFC 24 Coins. He is very good on the offense, and you may even convert him to a left wing back if you are playing a five-at-back formation.

Besides his offensive capabilities, the Frenchman is equally capable of defensive duties, and you can rely on him to stop counter-attacks. In terms of rating and potential, he has an overall of 85 and a potential of 90.
Wojciech Szczęsny emerges as one of the best goalkeepers in Serie A based on the overall rating. The Polish shot-stopper can be a reliable man at the back for a couple of seasons, and you may purchase him for your side for a quick rebuild.

Although the 86-rated player might drop his overall rating soon, buying him in the initial two seasons would be worth it. Moreover, with his contract expiring in 2024, you can strike a good deal at the start of the second season.

Ciro Immobile has been the guiding light for Lazio over the past decade, and his performances for the club have helped it alleviate to the next level. They have frequently been playing European football and finishing pretty high on the table thanks to the incredible goalscoring form that the Italian has maintained.

EA has rated Ciro Immobile reasonably good, and he possesses an overall of 86, adequate for most of the teams in the first few seasons. However, his age is the only bad factor, and you canArsquo;t employ him for longer rebuilds.

3 Paulo Dybala, AS Roma (Roma FC in FC 24)

Paulo Dybala, who was once seen as the next Messi, finds himself at AS Roma under the reign of Jose Mourinho. Even though he couldnArsquo;t reach his peak potential, he has turned out to be an excellent player, probably one of the best that Serie A has seen in the modern days.

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