Assuming you can think about something: how many times have you used different cards or seen a variety of players in opponent's squads? It feels like we've been playing against the same teams for months. That's just lame. EA Sports should be alarmed, because EA has failed here, and not for the first time in EAFC 24 Coins.

Despite the abundance of events and new cards, team building in FUT was already completed for most FC 24 players in December of last year. The culprit is found quickly: Once again, EA's power curve doesn't work. FC 24: The FUT Power Curve Explained

What is the power curve? A functioning, slowly increasing power curve ensures that we can be hyped for every event, as each new FC 24 promo promises stronger cards compared to the previous one. It's simply time for women in FUT – and however they will be included, we hope that it works out for the best.

The power curve does not have to rise steadily, it can even stay at the same level for a certain period of time. Otherwise, all FUT cards would have a 99 rating after just a few months. However, in order not to negatively influence the fun of the game, it should not do one thing: it should not decline.

New Traits System In EA FC 24? Leak Announces Big Change… It is extremely important for the balance of the game. This year, for example, players with Trivela (outside-the-foot shot) are very OP. And if your goalie doesn't have the "Rushes Out Of Goal Trait" you might want to change him.

The power curve shows the development of FUT card ratings over the course of a FIFA year. While we still have some months before we start the whole circle of FIFA Ultimate Team once again, we already got some leaks about how FUT could change in buy EAFC 24 Coins.