In Amazon Games' New World, the trading post system offers a lucrative opportunity for players to buy and sell items, providing a vital avenue for earning gold. Trading posts can be found in the settlements of every region in New World. As there are no in-game vendors to sell items to, trading posts become the primary means for players to increase their wealth in this MMO. This article will delve into valuable tips, tricks, and strategies for making the most money at New World's trading posts.

Capitalizing on Common Resources

Some of the most profitable items or New World Coins you can sell on the trading post are surprisingly common in New World. As players progress, resources like wood, fiber, iron, and leather tend to be in high demand due to the needs of crafters. To collect these resources, players should focus on increasing their trade skills, particularly harvesting, tracking/skinning, mining, and logging. Elevating the levels of these skills not only plays a crucial role in the game but also allows players to gather higher-level resources, thereby increasing their profits when selling them on the trading post. Keep in mind that the prices of these resources can vary from server to server.

Upon reaching mining skill level 20, players can mine Seep Stone to obtain oil, which is a resource that often sells quickly and at a significant profit on the trading post. Other resources, including salt, eggs, and metal ingots, can also be sold for a decent amount of gold. While exploring the world and collecting raw materials, players can also harvest herbs, such as hyssop and additional herbs based on the region they are in. Each of these herbs tends to fetch a fair profit, depending on the herb type and the current server prices.

The Most Profitable Item: Faction Runes

One of the most reliable ways to turn a profit in New World is by trading the runes available for purchase from faction representatives. These representatives not only sell armor and weapons to boost your gear score but also offer runes essential for crafting satchels, allowing players to carry more weight before becoming encumbered. The quality of these runes improves as players advance their faction rank, and runes can be obtained by completing faction missions and accumulating sufficient faction tokens and gold.

The runes available for purchase in New World include:

- Minor Rune of Holding (Rank 1): Costs 1,000 faction tokens and 250 gold.

- Major Rune of Holding (Rank 2): Requires 3,000 faction tokens and 500 gold.

- Greater Rune of Holding (Rank 3): Priced at 5,000 faction tokens and 1,000 gold.

- Grand Rune of Holding (Rank 4): Obtainable for 7,000 faction tokens and 1,500 gold.

The Endgame Profit Surge

After reaching level 60, players should consider focusing on farming endgame resources, including Void Ore, Starmetal, Lodestone, and Suspended Azoth. Crafters consistently demand these resources, making them the ideal way to maximize your earnings late in the game. While the prices of these items may fluctuate and differ from server to server, raw resources, cooking materials, herbs, runes, and endgame resources offer a surefire path to increased wealth. Selling these resources is an uncomplicated and effective way to bolster your income at the trading post in New World.


New World's trading post system provides a rich opportunity for players to amass wealth through strategic trading. By harnessing common resources, delving into faction runes, and focusing on endgame resources, you can navigate the New World economy successfully and secure your place as a shrewd trader. Whether you're just starting or exploring the endgame, these tips, tricks, and strategies can help you maximize your profits and make the most of the trading post in New World.

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