We normally would say EA is certainly using current EAFC 24 Coins ratings to not reveal anything before the official rating reveal – but we can already discern significant changes in the player ratings showcased in the trailer for EA FC 24.

Notable cases involve Heung-min Son and Virgil van Dijk, both of whom appear to have received downgrades. Son, the dazzling forward from Tottenham, has surprisingly been demoted from the upper echelons of prolific strikers to the average goalscorers.

This serves as a tough blow for Son, particularly considering his last season was marked by underwhelming performances. Despite this downturn, his talent and skill remain widely respected and unquestioned in football circles.

Virgil van Dijk, the defensive stalwart from Liverpool, also faces a downgrade in the upcoming game. It's important to note that these ratings may be subject to change as EA finalizes the player performance metrics for the official launch of EA Sports FC 24.

More ratings are set to be revealed with the upcoming EA FC 24 Beta. EA FC 24 is the successor to the FIFA series, which concluded with FC 24. EA Sports now has the chance to create a football simulation according to their vision. The biggest innovation is that you can now play with women in Ultimate Team.

Some people who are stuck in the Stone Age and believe that women do not belong on the soccer field are not at all pleased with this. EA has rightfully taken apart a hater in response to their Instagram post about Alex Scott being featured as a new Hero in EA FC 24.

"Who invited Alex Scott," wrote the Instagram user as a comment regarding Alex Scott being featured as a Hero in Ultimate Team. EA's response did not take long to arrive, and it was a powerful one: "We did. 140 International Caps, 6 League Titles, 7 FA Cups, 1 Champions League..."

Unfortunately, this hater is not the only one who leaves ignorant comments on posts. People should wait and see how the women perform in-game before providing constructive criticism. And who do you want to see in September of this year? Check out the EA Sports FC 24: Top 100 Players Ratings

Let's face it – if you're still grinding in FUT Champs, you belong to the top tier of players who are pursuing the very best rewards in FUT. With cheap EAFC 24 Coins the return of FUTTIES, you're definitely hoping to see some of these in your rewards – but what else can you expect?