In World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore, items and gold are the two most valuable resources you can use. While acquiring items is relatively straightforward and primarily dependent on luck, earning gold is a bit more complex, requiring knowledge of secret gold farming spots and techniques.

Every World of Warcraft player has their unique ways of earning gold. Some play the auction house and make all their precious gold from there, while others are diligent farmers, and some even join the Rogue Black Market and monopolize the series. You can always get creative and find your own ways to earn WoW Classic WotLK Gold, but here are the most effective methods to earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore.

Can You Trade and Use the Auction House in World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore?

Yes, you can trade and use the auction house in Hardcore. This is a crucial aspect of earning gold in World of Warcraft, and Blizzard Entertainment didn't want to remove the entire system from the game. It should be available from the first level, with no other restrictions.

Best Ways to Earn Gold in World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore

If you engage in any profession that doesn't require spending any padding, then you are sure to earn gold. So far, the best professions are gathering professions—Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning. Initially, these professions won't bring in much gold, especially because everyone is swimming in Peaceblooms and Copper Ore. However, as you level up your professions and gather rarer materials, you will definitely start earning substantial amounts of gold.

On the other hand, crafting professions are not very profitable unless you have rare recipes. These recipes can be obtained while completing end-game dungeons like Stratholme, and you still have to be lucky to see it drop in the first place before you can get it.

Loot Everything and Then Sell It

During your leveling journey, you'll defeat many gnolls, boars, and yetis, most of which will drop some small items that you can sell later. I never discard these gray-quality junk items, and I always sell them to vendors whenever I'm back in town. These items may not seem valuable individually, but it all adds up when you sell dozens of items.

Play the Auction House

This is an advanced way to earn gold, but the gist of it is buying valuable items from the auction house that you believe will increase in value. However, it's quite risky, and unless you have a deep understanding of the World of Warcraft economy, it's best to steer clear of this money-making method.


Farming is a traditional way of earning gold, and it's quite simple—you kill monsters that drop valuable items, loot them, and then sell those same items at the auction house. Ideally, you'll do some research beforehand, knowing which items are valuable, and you'll keep an eye out for those items.

You can also solo enter dungeons like Dire Maul as a Mage, Priest, or Hunter and farm trash mobs there to get drops you can sell later, but you'll need to devise a farming strategy, especially since you don't want to die. If you are tired of Farming Gold, then you can try to Buy WoW Gold from a reliable supplier such as RPGStash, which is a professional MMORPG trading platform. Its professional team guarantees 100% safety and its high-quality service is trustworthy.


Tips for Earning Gold in World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore

Create Banking Alternatives

We all face limited backpack space in World of Warcraft Classic, and the easiest way to work around this issue is by creating a separate character, parking them in your capital city, and stocking their bags with potions and other padding you might need. This character will provide you with extra banking services, allowing you to easily mail reagents and other padding between them and your main bank.

Use Add-ons

Add-ons like HandyNotes and RareScanner not only help you find rare creatures but can also come in handy for locating the best farming spots.

If you plan to play the auction house, Auctioneer will be your best friend. It allows you to track item values, see auction house prices in more detail, and create shopping lists.