We don't know how they managed to come to come up with Madden 24 coins the $50 million figure," Dryer said. "The money goes to a fund, the fund is given preexisting charities, and then the charity amazingly, decides to donate it to the players. I am not interested in being in a business I'm not sure about.

"What can be done is get money direct to players who have retired. This is the kind of thing we're hoping for. We're looking to find out what sources of revenue are to agree on a deal for the retired players.

"I'm leaving. I'd like to have nothing to do with this arrangement."

There's a reason that Madden NFL 24 leans heavily on its personality to sell its products. There are the stars the household names fans around the world be able to identify and bond with every Sunday all through the year. And then there's a general group of rebels, bad guys, as well as any other characters you might find in a drama that scripts teams, feeding rivalries and selling one of the most loved sports.

It's the kind of business Dryer comprehends.

The Hunter series, created by late TV producer Stephen J. Cannell, is among the most watched and relevant television shows on the market in syndication.

"I understand the significance in this Hunter series, the value of the copyright that is owned by him, and share in that profit participation.

"I take a call to Steve Cannell and say, 'We've been doing the show for a while. It's going to be a big success. I'm sure I'm worthy of a little of the backend of your copyright or library.' So , the issue is 'what is Fred going to be able to continue to create the show?

"We have a contract where we meet and shake hands over it. And now, I'm a part of it , and I get paid every time the show occurs anywhere in the world."

The same model is used. Dryer and other plaintiffs would like to have Madden NFL 24 embrace.

"We're soliciting profit participation in this library of the Madden NFL 24 libraries of the cheap mut 24 coins Films We've participated in. Why wouldn't that stand the test of rationality?"