A "polls” feature has been added to Teams. The feature allows users to vote for other attendees in the meeting. This feature was created by integrating the Microsoft Forms App into Meet, allowing users to create Polls Within the video conferencing app.

Users can use the poll feature to ask other fornoairfryer.com  and areteitech.net participants questions via the Teams channel or chat box in a meeting. Users can reach a consensus without having to leave the meeting.

How to use polls within Microsoft Teams?

  1. You can vote in the Teams channel or chat.
  2. Select the Forms icon in the Teams window's bottom.
  3. The form will now open. Add the question and other options.
  4. Select Save now
  5. You will now see a preview of the poll. If you wish, you can double-check and edit the poll.
  6. Click Send to finish.


If there are multiple answers to the question, you can toggle on "Multiple Answers". You have two options: The sender can share results after voting or keep them anonymous.

Participants can see the poll results in real-time during group discussions. Microsoft recently introduced The Game for Work app, allowing you to play games in meetings. 

To do this, however, you will need permission from your boss. Microsoft IceBreakers and Wordament are the current games. Minesweeper Solitaire and various other games can be played with up to 250 people.