Gold is one of the two economies in Lost Ark, with silver being the second one in the game. Obtaining both currency types will allow you to purchase a wide variety of unique items. Also, you can always exchange Gold to purchase Silver currency from the Gold merchants located in the open world of the game. While you’re at it, consider reading our Lost Ark Virtues and learn how to make mroe Lost Ark Gold for sale

Use of Gold in Lost Ark

Gold currency is used for trading with other players in the game. The main thing about this currency is that it is shared between all the characters linked to your account.

So, before spending the gold, think very carefully. In addition to trading, you can also buy some gear or gear upgrades. When you reach combat level 30, you can use your gold in the market.

You can farm items or craft them to sell them to make a profit. You can also buy items or gear from other players.

During buying or selling on the in-game auction house, you also need gold. Furnishing your private house in the game also uses your gold. You can also convert gold to a premium currency like Blue Crystals.

You can donate gold to your guild for rewards and experience of the guild. You can also buy skins for your character with gold.


There are many things that you gain from your Journey that are tradeable and can be worth a lot of gold. The easiest way to find out if something is valuable is to open the market and right-click things in your inventory to immediately see the current price. Good items will vary depending on your server but here are a few examples:

Foraging Materials. Quickly search through listings for each category and see which sells for the most on your server before you go farm for some easy money.

Honing Materials. Stones and Leapstones you gain from activities like the Chaos Dungeon will not be bound and can be sold on the market.

Engraving books. You’ll sometimes gain engraving books from events and depending on the type or class, these can sell for a lot of money.

Adventure Tome. When questing you’ll often get random drops that you can use for Adventure Tome experience. Instead of using them, check how much they are worth on the Market.

Increasing Rapport with NPCs

Building Rapport in Lost Ark with over 60 NPCs can turn out profitable for you as you can get Gold rewards from some of these. Also, the higher your Rapport with a particular NPCs, the more missions, assignments, and rewards you can expect from them. Here are some of the NPCs that will reward you for being nice to them and having increased Rapport as well.

Avele: This NPC will reward you with 1400 Gold after having reached a decent level of Rapport, and she can be located in Vern Castle in Lost Ark.

Ealyn: Similar to Avele, Ealyn will give you 1000 Gold, and she too is located in Vern Castle.

Mercenary Zeria: While this NPC does not give you a huge amount of Gold, you should take the 200 Gold that she offers after reaching the max Rapport level. She can be found in Stern’s Origin.

Neria: You can potentially get 600 Gold from Neria after having built a good Rapport level with the NPC in Lost Ark. To find her, you will need to go to the Wave Beach Harbor of the East Luterra

Sasha: NPCs like Sasha can make you rich as she rewards you with 3500 Gold once you have built enough Rapport with her. Similar to Mercenary Zeria, Sash is also located in Stern’s Origin.

Thirain, the King of Luterra: For a king, Thirain surely is not the generous NPC here as he rewards you with only 500 Gold after increasing a decent level of rapport. You will need to go to Luterra Castle to find this NPC in Lost Ark. On the subject of level, why not go through our Lost Ark Leveling Guide.

This shows how much important building Rapport in Lost Ark is and the rewards you can potentially get after increasing your relationship with 60+ NPCs in the game.

Adventure Islands

It's an activity which is available every weekday, and twice on weekends days.

This event will provide players the option to attend one of three random timed Adventure Islands of their choice. Each Island has different rewards ranging from Gold, Silver, Pirate Coins, and a Legendary card pack.

Una Tasks

Una tasks can make an extra gold income per week. You can buy up to three chests every week from the gold vendor. Those chests can make you rich if you are lucky. You can have a giant gold bar inside which is 10k gold. But honestly, the chance to get this giant gold bar is 1-2%, so don't go too enthusiasts about that. However, you can make 3k gold surely per week because every chest contains a minimum of 1k gold. By the way, don't take small or medium chests, they are not worth, take directly the big one. The more you have, the more you can have in tokens.

Just grind for extra in the tokens. If you want to complete this, you just need to do your weekly quest. The best thing you can do is 2 boss rush and 1 cube per week. If you like PVP you can also do the weekly, it gives a lot of great honor leapstone. Boss rush is pretty easy to do only 15 waves. You can go there and pick up groups, this is absolutely no problem.

In short, there is a variety of methods for making gold in Lost Ark. Since most of those are time-gated, consistency is more important than spending a lot of time in the game. However, in order to earn a large chunk of gold, you must follow these recommendations and put in a lot of work. you can Sell Lost Ark Currency at igv if you have enough gold.