As a pillarstone of essay writing, it’s essential for every student to know how to reference. This could be the primary aspect that separates an A-grade piece of work from one that is less well-received — it could make or break your chances of graduating.

Grammarly is rolling out two features to its AI-powered writing assistance software, aiming to help students writing research papers use citations correctly: citation style formatting and auto citations. Both features conform to the latest style guides: APA 7, Chicago 17, and MLA 9, the company said in its announcement.

Grammarly’s auto-citation and premium citation formatting tool are handy, super easy, fast, accurate and punctual. It’s a ‘one click’ academic tool every student must have. Here are some benefits of this new tool.

Unfortunately, these styles often have large differences between them. For example, some will require you to create citations in footnotes, while others ask that you write out the author’s name and date in your text. This means that familiarising yourself with the APA style will not necessarily give you an advantage in learning to reference according to the Harvard style, for instance.

The auto-citation feature scans tens of millions of articles found in the 10 largest research databases and automatically creates the proper citations. This tool is available to both free and Premium users, the company said, and it can be used on the following websites: Wikipedia, Frontiers, Plos One, Science Direct, Sage Journals, PubMed, Elsevier, DOAJ, arxiv, and Springer.

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