There are new players that keep falling in love with this game but are having a hard time for getting Lost Ark Gold for sale . This here will be a guide on the best ways to make gold faster in the starting phases. Let’s get started.

There are many ways to obtain Goldin Lost Ark. Building relationships with NPCs, completing certain dungeons and challenges, and trading wisely on the marketplace are just some of them.

Here are the following ways to make Gold in Lost Ark:

Build Rapport with NPCs: Rapport is the ability to form relationships with NPCs in Lost Ark. Numerous NPCs will reward you with Gold for being such a good friend. They are:

Thirain – 500 gold

Neria – 600 gold

Ealyn – 1,000 gold

Avele – 1,400 gold

Sasha – 3,500 gold

Raid and Dungeons

You should do your Dungeons frequently, notably the Chaos Dungeons, which open at level 50 and with a gear score of 250. Gold bars or items are usually found here, especially in secret areas concealed throughout most dungeons. Finishing Guardian Raids for the first time will also award a hefty chunk of Gold.

Daily and Weekly Challenges: Una’s Tasks, the game’s version of daily and weekly challenges, are unlocked once you reach level 50. You’ll earn Una’s Tokens for completing these challenges, which you can then exchange for Gold.

Gateway Maps

Gateway maps are linked to co-op-focused Voyage tasks, so keep an eye out for them if you want to earn money quickly in Lost Ark. You will receive a large gold payout for completing Gateway maps.

Sell Items on the Marketplace: Be wise and keep an eye on the marketplace. Sell your things, particularly Rare or items you don’t need for your characters. This is a practical way of getting rid of your items since you earn Gold simultaneously.

Una’s Daily and Weekly Tasks

There are three daily tasks and three weekly tasks you can complete.

Head over to the Adventure tab to see the daily Una tasks.

Once you complete any Una’s quest, you will be given a reward of Una tokens.

You can convert these tokens into gold.

You get a reward of 2 Una tokens for completing a daily task and 12 tokens for completing weekly tasks.

Players can exchange 500 Una tokens for a gold chest in Lost Ark.

If you do the math, completing Una’s daily and weekly tasks can get you most of the gold in Lost Ark.

Grind on Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are the best way to find and collect most of the valuable loot.

As you defeat the main boss in Chaos dungeons, it will open a portal with great loot.

You need to collect the loot before the timer runs out and takes you to the next stage.

The sooner you defeat the boss, the sooner you will be able to loot.

You can collect several rare items and artifacts as the portal opens up.

Then, exchange these looted rare materials to trade them off to earn gold.

Sometimes the portal unlocked between these stages is gold rather than blue for players to acquire greater loot.

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